LG Uplus Partners with Adtile to Offer Motion Ads to Its Publishers

Adtile’s integrated mobile creative platform includes access to its Motion Store along with native SDK’s, campaign management and targeting solutions

SAN DIEGO – LG Uplus, one of the largest telecom companies in South Korea, announced its key partnership with Adtile Technologies in San Diego. LG Uplus serves more than 40 million page views a day. The carrier will use Adtile to power its entire mobile network and Wi-Fi stations for its over 1,000 publishers in South Korea. Adtile’s Motion Ads have an average of 30 percent engagement rates, 23 second participation time and a click-through rate of up to 10 percent — numbers typically unheard of in mobile advertising.

@Adtilehq partners with @LGUplus to offer motion ads to its publisher

For years, the mobile ad industry has been struggling to find a better way to get user’s attention on mobile devices without annoying them or disrupting the mobile experience. Adtile Motion Ads, which tap into a mobile devices’ innate sensor technology, offers a new type of advertising that engages and entertains, more like an app or a mini-game.

Adtile Motion Ads ask users to twist, steer, walk, tilt, shake the phone — or otherwise actively engage with the ad. Adtile’s motion framework and machine learning algorithms detect the movement with a high degree of precision and the ad experience responds in real-time.

Building a motion experience is straightforward. Adtile’s Motion Store is a do-it-yourself mobile ad design tool that offers hundreds of unique Motion Ad variations for publishers to choose from. Advertisers or publishers simply log into the creative cloud, select a template and incorporate their own design, videos, sounds and storytelling into the flow. Motion Store generates a responsive HTML5 build for iOS and Android.

Adtile’s campaign management tools provide in-depth analytics and even allow advertisers to tweak their ads mid-campaign.

While complex rich media campaigns might take weeks to design and implement, Adtile’s Motion Store allows publishers to create high quality mobile ads in minutes, saving both time and money.

“Adtile will offer LG Uplus users a beautiful and engaging ad experience. We know LG Uplus will enjoy the new creative platform for their mobile advertising campaigns and higher engagement and click-through rates,” said Nils Forsblom, CEO and founder, Adtile Technologies.

“LG Uplus is a company dedicated to offering our users the best mobile experience and that includes creating the best mobile ad solutions for our publishers,” said Chihon Park, VP of LG Uplus. “Adtile’s Motion Ads will allow us to offer the best tools to build mobile experiences for brands that want to stand out in the mobile ad-space.”

About Adtile Technologies

Located in San Diego, California, Adtile is a pioneer and developer of motion-sensing technology for smartphones and tablets. We are working with leading technology companies and Fortune 500 brands. More information is available at www.adtile.me.

About LG Uplus

LG Uplus (previously LG Telecom) is a telecom operator owned by LG Group, one of South Korea’s largest conglomerates. In July 2011, LG Uplus became the first operator in South Korea to launch commercial LTE services. LG Uplus launched the world’s first VoLTE service in August 2012 and commercial LTE-A commercial services in July 2013. More information is available at www.uplus.co.kr/