Index Exchange Partners with Forensiq to Combat Ad Fraud

Integration Further Improves Index Exchange’s Ability to Detect, Report & Eliminate Fraudulent Inventory Across the Exchange

NEW YORK – Index Exchange, the principled exchange for publishers, announced it has partnered with Forensiq, a leading ad fraud detection and prevention company, to identify and remove fraudulent advertising inventory from the marketplace. Index Exchange will integrate Forensiq’s ad fraud detection technology into its system as part of its drive to proactively monitor and manage the quality of inventory made available through its exchange.

According to a study by White Ops and the Association of National Advertisers, $6.3 billion will be lost to ad fraud in 2015. Committed to rooting out digital ad fraud, and making the programmatic marketplace a safe environment for both buyers and sellers, Index Exchange will be adding Forensiq to their list of partners dedicated to ensuring that traffic across Index Exchange’s sites remains human, high-quality and authentic.

“Index Exchange is committed to eliminating fraud from the programmatic ecosystem. We think everybody benefits – except fraudsters,” said Andrew Casale, CEO of Index Exchange. “This year, ad fraud will take billions away from publishers, harm the experience for users, and make a more chaotic, less hospitable environment for advertisers. We say ‘enough’.”

Inventory quality is the number one concern for over a quarter of agencies and marketers according to AdExchanger Research.

With this integration, Forensiq will proactively monitor traffic for Index Exchange to increase efficiency and to enable them to more accurately filter and combat fraudulent inventory. Ultimately the integration will make the programmatic marketplace cleaner while enabling Index Exchange to monitor activity within each domain that passes through their system and blacklist them if necessary without adding significantly to latency or load times.

“Our initial analysis of Index Exchange showed us that the quality of their traffic measured among the highest in the industry with minimal instances of fraudulent sources,” said David Sendrof, founder & CEO of Forensiq. “Their extremely high traffic score is a reflection of how committed they have been to removing fraud from the programmatic marketplace.”

Index Exchange is dedicated to making high quality inventory available in a transparent and safe programmatic marketplace where buyers and sellers can do business with minimal risk of fraud.

About Index Exchange

Index Exchange ( provides a neutral, transparent exchange layer that enables leading publishers and suppliers to sell their ad impressions in real-time. Formerly known as Casale Media, Index equips enterprise-level sellers with custom-architected solutions, fully transparent sell-side management technology, and access to the latest in technical knowhow for programmatic demand while still ensuring the highest in brand-safe creative standards by ensuring humans-level review for all proposed campaigns.

About Forensiq

Forensiq is a fast growing company that has developed and implemented a series of effective solutions to help fight online click, conversion and impression based ad fraud. The firm combines the latest technology plus a dedicated staff of fraud fighters who are obsessed with helping clients stay steps ahead of bad actors and achieve a better ROI. Forensiq is headquartered in New York City with offices in London and Silicon Valley. The company won three LeadsCouncil LEADER Awards in 2015 plus the 2014 LeadsCouncil LEADER Award for Best-In-Class for Fraud Detection. To learn more visit