MBLM Releases Next-Generation Brand Management Platform: BrandOS 2.0

Enhancements to the Platform Incorporate more Social Collaboration and Features for the Mobile Enterprise

NEW YORK — MBLM, the Brand Intimacy Agency focused on strategy, design, creative and technology, announced its release of BrandOS 2.0: the next-generation brand management platform designed as an optimal way for companies to manage their brands. BrandOS is one of the key tools MBLM uses in building and maintaining intimate brands.

“BrandOS has been an evolving platform for us for close to two decades. We developed it because we saw our clients struggling with effective ways to harness global marketing teams, share updates to guidelines, and have a single repository for assets, approved materials and training. Marketers need to move quickly and efficiently in today’s time and that’s what BrandOS enables. We are excited to offer our clients new features that were built for managing the modern brand: more fluid, adaptive and real time. Our social collaboration component lets marketers across an organization share materials, ideas and suggestions and BrandOS is now more mobile-friendly, ensuring ease of use,” stated Mario Natarelli, MBLM’s managing partner.

Nearly all of the agency’s clients, spanning size, industry and geography take advantage of the BrandOS platform. A recent and comprehensive example is the Institute of the Study of Business Markets, a leading B2B think tank. Notes Suzanne Lavin, executive director, “We were faced with a vast library of thought leadership and a diverse community of members (academics, marketing practitioners and agencies). BrandOS delivered an easy to use, customized and engaging tool to collaborate between our people, content and ideas. I am truly delighted the platform is now a key benefit to our members and was implemented in an extremely short amount of time and with a limited budget.”

BrandOS 2.0 is supported by an inventive new campaign called “Brand Confessions” that feature a light-hearted glimpse into the trials and adventures of brand professionals. Campaign videos can be found in the agency’s social channels and here. More information about BrandOS can be found at mblm.com/brandos.

About MBLM:

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