Nielsen Catalina Solutions and Time Inc. Pioneer New Method for Cross-Platform Advertising Sales Measurement

Study with Crystal Light Beverage Brand shows that combining print, digital and TV in a cross-platform campaign has a positive impact on sales

NEW YORK – Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS), the leader in helping CPG marketers optimize return on advertising spend with in-store purchase data, and Time Inc., one of the world’s leading media companies, announced a groundbreaking method of cross-platform advertising measurement that makes it possible to measure the quantifiable in-store sales impact of campaigns across print, digital and TV.

@ncsolutions and @timeinc announce new method for cross-platform advertising measurement

At the Advertising Research Foundation’s Re!Think 2016 conference, NCS and Time Inc., in conjunction with Crystal Light, a Kraft Heinz brand, presented this practical new methodology that reconciles different medium-specific measurement models, and the effect of a secondary (or pass-along) magazine audience to create a reliable and accurate method for measuring cross-platform sales impact.

“Until now, cross-platform measurement for campaigns including print just wasn’t possible because of the unknown time of exposure to the ads. Since we’ve developed Cognitive AdVantics – a new analytic tool that uses machine learning – we can look back in time from a purchase to determine which marketing variables actually influenced a sale,” said Leslie Wood, Chief Research Officer, NCS. “Being able to measure the effect that print, digital and TV have on a campaign will allow marketers to deliver even smarter campaigns in the future.”

To put this methodology to the test, NCS and Time Inc. collaborated with Crystal Light to measure a cross-platform campaign for the brand. The measurement revealed that print and digital advertising have synergies with TV, and that using multiple channels together has a positive, quantifiable impact on sales. By matching subscriber data from Time Inc. with data from GfK MRI, NCS was able to determine the value of the secondary audience, which has not been quantifiable until now. This secondary audience made a significant contribution to incremental in-store sales driven by the campaign.

“Time Inc. is committed to driving results for our clients, and continuously supports efforts to improve and evolve the methods that we have today. This new methodology allows us to quantify the synergy between media platforms,” said Caryn Klein, Vice President of Research & Insights, Time Inc. “In this case, we’ve learned that there is an increase in sales impact when you add print and digital to TV. When it comes to synergies between print, digital and TV, 1+1 is greater than 2.”

“Print continues to play an important role in our media strategy. Our ultimate goal for cross-platform is to understand where the synergies lie so we can optimize across business units, aligning print with other channels to effectively drive incremental sales,” said Kazim (Kaz) Gunay, Head of Consumer Insights and Strategy, beverages and snack nuts, The Kraft Heinz Company. “This study with NCS, Time Inc. and our Crystal Light brand has given us invaluable insights to help accomplish this.”

About Nielsen Catalina Solutions

NCS (Nielsen Catalina Solutions) is a purchase-based ad targeting and ROAS measurement firm serving the CPG industry. We integrate in-store purchase data from over 90 MM households with media exposure data from TV, online, mobile, print, radio and CRM to help consumer packaged goods advertisers, agencies and media companies define their most valuable audience, reach them with advertising and measure incremental sales from the campaign. The joint venture between Nielsen and Catalina has helped over 200 advertisers and 450+ brands optimize ad performance to drive revenue growth and increase return on ad spend. Visit us to learn more.

About Time Inc.

Time Inc. (NYSE:TIME) is one of the world’s leading media companies, with a monthly global print audience of over 120 million and worldwide digital properties that attract more than 150 million visitors each month, including over 60 websites. Our influential brands include People, Sports Illustrated, InStyle, Time, Real Simple and Southern Living, as well as more than 50 diverse titles in the United Kingdom.

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