Segmint Launches Key Enhancements to Data-Driven Marketing Platform

New features include control group functions, real-time capabilities, Business Intelligence Dashboards and Intent KLIs to maximize cross-sell and customer engagement

AKRON, Ohio – Segmint, a global leader in active analytics and Always OnSM cross-channel marketing, announced a new lineup of enhanced, data-driven marketing solutions to its platform, SegmintOne, a solution empowering Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and marketing teams to more efficiently drive new growth and engagement. New features include control group functions, advanced real-time capabilities, Business Intelligence Dashboards and Intent Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLIs).

.@Segmint product enhancements – control groups, real-time capabilities, Business Intel Dashboards and Intent KLIs

These innovative features come after Segmint’s momentum of recently signing 15 financial institutions, ranging in size from global leaders to small community banks, to its SegmintOne platform.

The platform enables institutions to activate their own data and deliver 1-to-1 targeted messages, triggered in real time, in an authentic, secure way across all channels, using an institution’s anonymized data. The SegmintOne platform is a patented solution that assigns KLIs to each anonymized customer based on their products, activities and interests, channel preferences, competitive product mix, spending habits, lifestyle attributes among many other unique insights from a combination of predictive and real-time transactional behavior. These KLIs are used as real-time triggers to deliver personalized messages to each individual.

SegmintOne leverages only anonymous data, never accepting any Personally Identifiable Information. Instead, a Unique Customer Identification Code (UCIC) is assigned to each customer to anonymize a financial institutions’ first-party data for increased security and privacy.

The end-to-end, predictive marketing solution, SegmintOne, now offers the following capabilities.

Control Group & Champion–Challenger Test Functions

A major addition to the platform is the ability to implement control groups and A/B testing to measure effectiveness of marketing campaigns. With Control Groups, financial institutions can withhold treatment to a statistically significant sample while Segmint’s new Champion–Challenger Test, or A/B testing, compares the behavior of groups that receive two deliberately different marketing treatments. Segmint helps CMOs measure effectiveness across marketing campaign audiences, messages and channels.

Real-time Capabilities

While SegmintOne has always provided real-time data ingestion, decisioning and delivery, the solution now analyzes large quantities of payment and transaction data in real-time. This meets the growing need for global banks to engage with customers in real time and capture customers in the moment, precisely when they are considering making a purchase across any channel. Traditional marketing solutions typically take weeks, months, or longer to launch even generic campaigns, often resulting in a missed opportunity. Segmint’s real-time capabilities are critical in driving the highest possible results; some financial institutions have increased cross-sell conversions by nearly 400 percent.

SegmintOne also has the ability to match message delivery with product openings in real-time, providing an instantaneous view of cross-sell conversions, new customer acquisition and both face value economic value to the financial institution.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Segmint’s advanced Business Intelligence Dashboard offers an adaptive user experience with more than 20 dynamic reports and an array of customizable filters, enabling organizations to easily visualize and optimize the real-time performance of marketing campaign ROI into a single view.

The solution offers two primary executive dashboards, including a Performance Overview Dashboard which displays real-time ROI metrics including cross-sell conversions, conversion rate, face value, and overall efficiency of individual campaigns. The other, Campaign Optimization Dashboard, helps marketing executives visualize new campaign targeting and campaign refinement opportunities. These dynamic tools enable financial services organizations to make real-time adjustments to optimize results.

Intent KLIs

Intent KLIs are another critical input that help drive real-time data decisioning by revealing a customer’s interest or intent to open a product based on their activity on the bank’s public website, online banking, or mobile application. For example, the Mortgage Intent KLI is assigned to a customer the moment they visit the bank’s mortgage page, signaling the customer is actively interested and more open to receiving information. The bank can combine the Mortgage Intent KLI with the customer’s product, spend, competitive and predictive KLIs to usher them through the customer journey, and encourage them to either use the bank’s mortgage calculator or to begin a mortgage application.

“With analytics at their core, these enhanced products help CMOs improve the success of banks’ marketing campaigns and can inform their marketing spend,” said Rob Heiser, Segmint President and CEO. “We developed these solutions after listening to our partners desire to provide the next generation of banking through KLIs serving as real-time triggers for delivering a highly personalized, truly tailored banking and payments experience.”

“Better customer insights need to be turned into a set of experiences that are orchestrated for maximum impact. These experiences should reflect near-real-time data and deliver a more personalized message,” according to a new Gartner report published January 19, Marketing and Data Analytics Primer for 2016. “Customer experience starts with relevance, and customers quickly grow impatient with experiences they perceive to be off the mark…Marketing that seems off-base can inspire low conversion rates at best, and fast defection at worst.”

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