Taykey Launches Free Trend-Based Audience Insights with Trend Pulse

NEW YORK – Taykey, a technology company that analyzes hundreds of millions of data points per day to help brands discover and act on what’s trending for audiences, announced the availability of its free, public access to real-time audience data via Taykey Trend Pulse.

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Taykey Trend Pulse provides free and open access to real-time trend data for commonly referenced audience segments through the company’s website at www.taykey.com/trendpulse. At launch, audience segments will include: Adults 18-plus, Moms, Millennials and Tech Enthusiasts. Available audience segments will evolve based on industry demand and major consumer events generating buzz. Visitors can see trending topics, sentiment, conversational patterns, related interests and more.

“Every day, billions of consumer conversations flow through publishers and social platforms across the web,” said Taykey Founder & CEO, Amit Avner. “Taykey Trend Pulse is designed to provide agencies, brands, and enterprises with a small but illuminating window into the vast array of audience insights that can be modeled from this data.”

Also, announced today, is a new Campaign Dashboard that provides greater insights for agencies and marketers currently using Taykey’s Trend Advertising solution. Most significantly, advertising clients can now map their campaign performance against trending content for their target audiences to understand the conversations and content categories most effective at driving ad engagement. The Campaign Dashboard also provides audience insights above and beyond Taykey’s Trend Pulse tool by allowing marketers to completely customize their audience segments and discover what’s trending for their audience.

“Our clients are benefitting significantly from access to trend-based insights for their target audiences,” said Keri Zuckerman, VP Group Partner at Reprise Media, an Interpublic Group agency. “Taykey’s initiatives to make this data more accessible to the industry should be an asset to marketers across a number of initiatives.”

Avner continued, “Our investments in enabling hands-on access to data ultimately provide our advertising clients with useful intelligence that can inform broader initiatives, especially in an increasingly real time marketing environment. Imagine a brand targeting millennial music lovers – their interests may change hour to hour throughout the day. Brands can now see what their audiences are talking about in real time and what content drives engagement, as well as repeating patterns. These insights can help to inform everything from social media content to long-term endorsement and sponsorship strategies. No other company in the industry is focused on giving marketers deep insights into what matters to their audience right now and also allowing them act on that data in real time.”

Taykey’s Trend Advertising platform uses real time trend data to automatically and continuously align display and video campaigns with relevant content. Taykey was named to the 2015 Deloitte Technology Israel Fast 50 and Fast 500 EMEA, and was recently selected by AlwaysOn as an OnMedia Top 100 Winner.

About Taykey

Taykey analyzes hundreds of millions of data points per day to discover what’s trending for audiences and how those interests change over time. Our solutions provide companies with intelligence surrounding the brands, people, products, and events most relevant to their target audiences and the ability to automatically align their digital advertising with those trends in real time. Founded in 2009, the company is headquartered in New York with offices in Herzliya (Israel) and San Francisco. Learn more at www.taykey.com and view real time audience insights at www.taykey.com/trendpulse