Centro Expands On-Demand Service Relationships with Large Agencies

Centro Helps Consolidate and Scale Millions of Dollars in Ad Spend with Long-Tail Digital Publishers

New York – Centro (www.centro.net), a provider of enterprise-class software for digital advertising, announced the expansion of relationships with the some of the largest holding company and independent media agencies in the U.S. These agencies use Centro’s software and services as needed to augment media-buying capabilities by scaling and consolidating millions of dollars of ad spend. Centro empowers agencies to transact directly with numerous publishers with speed, precision, transparency and brand-safety through its proprietary software platform that automates this entire process.

Client teams within large agencies are focused on relationships with their top 10-20 digital publisher partners, including the agency’s trading desk. These partners collectively garner more than half of a client’s digital media budget. The rest of the budget is spread to hundreds or thousands of other ad sellers. These vendors include high-profile, quality publishers. Scaling ad spend on these numerous sites, while solving for challenges such as viewability and ad fraud, is a heavy burden. Agencies rely on Centro and its technology to execute campaigns with a greater number of publisher partners efficiently, without sacrificing transparency and control.

“Because of our accelerating growth, we’re ending up with more business at a faster rate than we can hire to support it. Centro’s agile team can integrate fluidly with our in-house process so they can be activated on-demand for any media buying initiatives,” said Steve Carbone, Managing Director and Chief Digital Officer at Mediacom, North America. “We want to ensure that our staff remains focused on their accounts and their client relationship development instead of the time-consuming task of spreading ad buys across hundreds of publishers. Centro simplifies the ever-changing aspects of digital media buying when dealing with multiple partners.”

To drive consolidation of ad buying among agencies, Centro promoted Joe Pospisil to vice president of national agency development. A seven-year Centro veteran, Joe helped expand the company’s presence in New York and the East Coast, and is part the team that grew the company’s regional revenue by more than 200% during his tenure. Prior to joining Centro, Joe was instrumental in developing digital media sales and execution competencies for SportsNet New York (SNY) and CBS Radio. His team harnesses technology to simplify the day-to-day work and strategic efforts of buying on multiple publishers.

“Digital is unlike traditional media where advertisers are likely to buy from the same partners month over month. Marketers face a much broader challenge because consumers are visiting a wide swath of sites, channels and devices every single day,” said Joe Pospisil of Centro. “Centro’s technology makes it easy for agencies to fully realize the value of activating campaigns across hundreds of premium publishers without compromising their team’s efforts in managing their most-valued relationships and honing strategies for clients.”

Centro’s solution is comprised of software and services that are ideal for large agencies that want their media teams focused on strategy and customer relationships while cultivating deep partnerships with their most-important ad vendors. This approach enables agencies to move rapidly when client ad spend ramps up or down. Agencies also have the option to embed Centro buyers and planners anywhere in the U.S. Centro is providing this solution to more than 35 large media agencies representing 116 brands.

About Centro

Centro (www.centro.net) is creating a platform to make digital advertising easier. Its enterprise-class software centralizes, organizes and automates all digital media campaigns across all channels, accessing both guaranteed and biddable inventory, to achieve any objective. Our holistic approach gives marketers a single system of record to fulfill their research, planning, buying, optimization, reporting and reconciliation needs. Since 2001, Centro has successfully planned and executed more than 250,000 campaigns across all digital display platforms and ad format types. Headquartered in Chicago with 32 offices in North America, Centro has received numerous accolades for its commitment to employees and workplace culture.