MultiView Rolls Out VisitorView, B2B Marketing Insights Solution

DALLAS, TX – MultiView, the leader in digital publishing solutions for associations and digital marketing solutions for B2B marketers, announced the broad market release of VisitorView, a data analytics solution designed specifically for B2B companies and previously available only to MultiView programmatic advertising customers. Where web analytics tools report web traffic and performance statistics, VisitorView reveals what companies make up that traffic and activity, enabling businesses to refine marketing strategy and tactics and also guide sales efforts to companies already indicating interest. And by adding a layer of company firmographic data – such as company size, location, industry, revenue, contact information and website URL, VisitorView reporting becomes even more actionable.

“B2B marketers are depending on digital advertising to raise brand awareness and drive prospects to their websites, and it is a crucial part of the process for them to have a good understanding of the companies that have visited their website in order to follow-up quickly,” said MultiView COO Steve Fullbright. “VisitorView delivers new opportunities for alignment between marketing and sales departments by revealing the insights needed by both to prioritize and nurture the relationships with the companies that are engaged on their website, driving higher conversions and accelerating the sales cycle.”

VisitorView captures the unique IP address of visiting companies and matches them against MultiView’s database to identify company name. Pages viewed and time spent on pages are also tracked by company. This kind of data and insight aren’t available in commonly used web analytics tools. VisitorView provides the details to focus on the most interested potential buyers and to deliver more strategic marketing and a higher ROI.

MultiView EVP Brandon Webb explained, “Following that big conference, tradeshow or marketing initiative, VisitorView clients are able to match the increase in post-event web traffic to specific companies and then determine which have already followed up via visits directly to their website. This extra intelligence for their sales or marketing efforts increases efficiency and effectiveness in developing relationships with potential buyers.”

About MultiView

MultiView, the leader in digital publishing solutions for associations and digital marketing solutions for B2B marketers, connects the B2B world. We build digital publications that bring thousands of trade associations together with millions of their members, spanning nearly every industry. And we deliver digital marketing solutions that connect tens of thousands of B2B companies with millions of their customers at every stage of the buying journey. Over nearly two decades we’ve developed unmatched data and insights about B2B buyers and the deep expertise needed to reach them online. Leveraging this powerful combination of knowledge and experience is how we create the connections that deliver real results for our partners and customers every day. MultiView is a portfolio company of Warburg Pincus LLC. We are headquartered in Irving, TX, and have offices in Washington, DC, and Toronto, Canada.