About.com Relies on GeoEdge to Protect their Users from Non-Compliant Ads

Utilizing GeoEdge, About.com is able to:

– Protect 74 million users’ experiences from disruptive ads
– Resolve ad security and quality issues quickly & efficiently
– Work with ad partners with confidence

Company Summary

About.com (an IAC company), is a top 20 site, the largest source for expert content on the Internet. About.com helps millions of users answer questions, solve problems, learn something new, or fnd inspiration on topics ranging from money and tech to cooking and travel.


About.com serves ads to an average of 74 million users per month, which totals 100s of millions of served ads. Ensuring a good user experience is key to making sure that users fnd what they need — and come back at the next opportunity. If users have a bad ad experience, it could severely damage About.com’s reputation and cause long-term revenue decline.

Among the large volume of served ads, About.com found non-compliant ads afecting their users’ experiences. The problematic ads included issues with fle sizes, load times, broken pixels, and an increase in HTML5 fle requests. In response, they built a manual in-house process to QA all the tags and catch some of these issues. This was a time-consuming, laborious process that lacked efectiveness and was also limited in the data and metrics it produced. About.com realized they needed a solution to automate the process and provide visibility and transparency for their ad campaigns.


About.com began working with GeoEdge’s ad security and verifcation solution and immediately gained the control and visibility needed to work in the ever-evolving ecosystem. With GeoEdge, About.com can now identify malicious, non-compliant, or disruptive ad creative before they do damage. Their most pervasive issues, large fle sizes, loading issues, are prevented from afecting their users’ experiences in any type of ad — online, mobile, or video. In addition, they implemented a DFP sync to streamline workfows and gather more metrics.

About.com finds that not only does GeoEdge’s security and verification technology resolve their needs better than solutions from other vendors, but that the UI is easy to navigate and manage. Furthermore, when they encounter an unexpected issue, they utilize GeoEdge’s ever-available customer support team. The flexibility and expertise delivered remediates any emerging, potential issues.


By implementing the GeoEdge ad quality management solution, About.com can now work with all partners with ease, knowing their users are protected. They also save on resources and streamlined workfows, as GeoEdge automates their manual QA processes. Moreover, by using the reporting features with the DFP sync, About.com is able to gather deep metrics on IAB spec compliance.

About.com is all about their users, and GeoEdge ensures these users are not driven away by a harmful or bad ad experience. GeoEdge enables About.com to save money and protect site visitors.

Our partnership with GeoEdge has been instrumental to our improvement of IAB spec compliance and user experience. The tool is easy to use and their support team is always ready to tackle unique challenges or issues.” – Roxanne Allen, Director of Ad Operations

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