NetSeer Introduces In-Video Monetization Solution for Publishers to Drive Incremental Revenue & Enhance Audience Experience

Display Overlay Ad Unit Offers Quick Load Times with High Viewability, Relevancy and Brand Safety for Video Content Anywhere on the Internet

SUNNYVALE, CA – NetSeer, a provider of market leading visual monetization solutions for publishers and advertisers, announced the introduction of their In-Video Image Overlay + Display ad solution for publishers to drive complementary and incremental video advertising revenue. This new non-linear ad monetization product gives publishers all the advantages of overlay ads combined with the ability to be used with publisher-owned video content located anywhere on the internet.

In-Video Overlay ads contribute to a reduced bounce rate by enhancing user experience through reduced ad load times and elimination of the lengthy pre-roll gatekeeping effect that prevents as much as 60% of users from accessing content. Advertisers benefit from the high viewability while allowing publishers to command premium RPMs. In addition, accurate targeting of contextually relevant content ensures a marketer’s message won’t alienate consumers and will always appear within brand safe content.

“Our In-Video solution is delivering the additional benefits publishers desire including an ability to attract premium advertisers who seek highly targeted and viewable ads allowing them to command premium pricing,” remarked NetSeer President of Monetization Dennis Clerke. “Much like we saw with the overwhelming success of our In-Image ads, we’re helping publishers drive incremental revenue by providing a product that offers exceptional performance, gets viewers to stay longer, watch more video and come back more often. Plus, it works with their existing advertising strategies or alone.”

In-Video Overlay Ads are joining NetSeer’s new linear display ads and in content units as part of the visual monetization product line. Modern marketers continue to seek out NetSeer to marry the visual-centric mindset of users on the web with relevant, captivating and engaging ad experiences to overcome viewability issues that interfere with user experience and campaign outcomes. NetSeer empowers publishers to sell these placements in conjunction with the company’s own demand and thereby helping to address concerns like ad fraud. The platform enables advertisers to target and buy premium In-Image advertising content while providing new monetization opportunities for publishers to benefit by better utilizing the visual content on their websites.

About NetSeer

NetSeer provides market leading visual monetization solutions for advertisers and publishers backed by its patented ConceptGraph™ intent engine. The company’s In-Image advertising solutions are changing the game in the industry as they deliver exceptional performance across desktop, mobile, and video inventory backed by their hallmark values of accuracy, relevance, and brand-safety. Leveraging the scale and economics of programmatic delivers impressive performance results. The company is based in Sunnyvale, CA, with an additional office in New York. For more information visit: