Denmark’s Publisher Alliance Signs Adnami As High Impact Technology Partner

Publisher Platform and Adnami join forces to work with leading publishers  in Denmark

London, UK: Adnami, the leading technology provider of high impact digital advertising, has been appointed as the technological partner for Denmark’s Publisher Platform. This is the newly-formed alliance that will provide a single point of purchase for digital advertising across the country’s publisher websites.

The Publisher Platform, which was launched on October 1st this year, is a marketplace which allows advertisers and agencies to buy all digital publisher-based advertising inventory through a single interface in a fully transparent way.

Adnami gives publishers the tools to align around a standardised range of high impact digital formats, which can be purchased programmatically at scale.

The partnership with The Publisher Platform will see Adnami working with every major publisher in Denmark, as well as leading local media and financial and business press. More than 150 advertisers and agencies signed up to use the marketplace in the first month – exceeding expectations three-fold – and the majority have already assigned budgets to the platform and created campaigns using the technology.

Adnami’s specialism in high impact digital formats means that members of The Publisher Platform will have access to premium digital inventory whose enhanced creativity is proven to drive impact and action.

The creation of the platform, whose members represent a combined coverage of more than 90% of the Danish population, will ensure ad spend stays within the Danish media industry.

Kenneth Brenøe, chairman of The Publisher Platform, said: “Facebook and Google dominate our market and make it so easy to buy campaigns quickly and simply, and to see all associated data, but our members wanted an excuse to keep their advertising within the country without having to buy individually from every media house.

“The Publisher Platform is a solution to that problem. It is giving advertisers a simple, effective and transparent way to buy powerful digital ad inventory while simultaneously futureproofing the Danish publishing industry.”

He added: “Adnami is a major player in Denmark, providing advertisers with a simple way to buy high impact creative advertising, so they were a natural partner for our platform.”

Simon Kvist Gaulshøj, CEO of Adnami, said: “The Publisher Platform is a strong response to the domination of Facebook and Google in not just the Danish media but the world over. It is not only providing a lifeline to homegrown publishers but by partnering with Adnami it is providing a greatly enhanced quality of advertising for all parties.

“Our high impact formats are in a different league to the standard banner ads consumers are used to – thanks to this partnership the quality of digital advertising on Danish media has entered a new era.”

About Adnami:

Adnami is a creative marketing technology vendor that facilitates outstanding ad experiences for consumers and accelerated returns for publishers and brands. Adnami’s templated and platform-agnostic approach to high impact advertising, provides a scalable and automated solution to run attention-grabbing and impactful advertising campaigns.

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About Publisher Platform:
Publisher Platform is a digital programmatic advertising platform where advertisers are guaranteed Danish, journalistic quality context and impact for advertisers. The platform represents coverage of more than 90 percent of the Danish population. Targeting on the Publisher Platform is based on contextual data from all participating media. The Publisher Platform is run by a non-profit association and It is a corporation between some of the largest media houses in Denmark TV 2, JP/Politikens Hus, Berlingske Media, Børsen, Jysk Fynske Medie and Zealand Media, only entry requirement that one should be registered with the Press Board.
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