Trolli Partners with AdTheorent and Celtra to Deliver High-Impact, Brand Consistent Digital Advertising Campaign for Sour Brite Brand

Campaign delivers on Promise of “Cross-Screen” Through AdTheorent’s Cross- Environment Map and Celtra’s Universal Expandable Flex Format Ad Unit

AdTheorent, Inc., a technology company whose data-driven predictive solutions are transforming digital advertising, announced the initial results of a successful cross-screen campaign for Trolli to promote its Sour Brite brand. The “Crawlers for Ballers” campaign is the first of its kind to deliver on the “promise” of cross-screen advertising, featuring two innovative technologies: AdTheorent’s Cross-Environment Map (CEM) and Celtra’s Universal Expandable Flex ad format.

AdTheorent’s CEM is the most comprehensive cross-environment mapping infrastructure in market, enabling the Company to attribute activity across all digital environments to a single digital ID (not tied to a user’s identity), allowing for superior targeting. This capability, coupled with AdTheorent’s extensive first, second and third-party data (at scale), enhances the effectiveness of targeting. For the Trolli campaign, AdTheorent was pleased to leverage Celtra’s first-to-market Universal Expandable Flex ad format, a true cross-screen unit with adaptive and responsive layouts across all devices and platforms. This innovative ad unit provided users a consistent brand experience across all screens, and AdTheorent’s CEM connected each single user across all environments, allowing for true cross-screen targeting. This effective use of creative, technology and targeting delivered outstanding results for the Sour Brite Brand.

Trolli’s “Crawlers for Ballers” Sour Brite Campaign:

The primary goal of the campaign was to increase brand awareness and drive purchases of Trolli’s Sour Brite product line. Additional goals included positioning Trolli as a leader within the non-chocolate categories and expanding Trolli’s already successful “Weirdly Awesome” campaign. With these goals in mind, AdTheorent created an awareness-focused expandable interactive rich media unit using Celtra’s Universal Expandable Flex ad format, allowing AdTheorent’s creative team to build one true cross-screen unit with adaptive and responsive layouts that would work consistently across all devices and platforms. The custom unit included an auto-played inline video, as well as a store locator to find the nearest location for product purchase. The unit also included a social integration, giving users the option to share on Twitter a quirky animated GIF or the video they just watched.

“AdTheorent’s Creative team works hard to provide consistent and seamless brand experiences for our clients. Whether it’s in the concept or the execution, these objectives channel our creative focus,” said Yolandi Oosthuizen, AdTheorent’s VP of Creative Services. “Celtra’s Universal Expandable Flex ad format allowed us to achieve these goals in an efficient manner for Trolli’s cross-screen campaign. We are thrilled that this creative execution, coupled with AdTheorent’s advanced targeting methods, delivered positive results for the Trolli brand.”

The Results: Fueled by Data and Superior Audience Mapping

The Trolli “Crawlers for Ballers” campaign was very successful across all environments. The campaign’s mobile engagement rate was 1.19%, which is 213% higher than industry average. Desktop also performed well, delivering an engagement rate 57% higher than average. In general, females slightly outperformed males (16% higher engagement). The campaign was geographically diverse from an engagement perspective, which is inline with Trolli’s national targeting goals. The top five most engaged markets: 1. New York; 2. Georgia; 3. Arizona; 4. Washington; 5. Washington, D.C.

Due to the immersive nature of the creative, as well as superior targeting, secondary engagement was also very strong: mobile delivered a 14.99% secondary engagement rate (39% above industry average) and desktop was 32.02% (196% above industry average).

The top three secondary actions directly supported the initial campaign objectives (driving awareness and purchase):

1. Visiting the product website for more information
2. Sharing the unicorn GIF socially
3. Product locator

“The Trolli brand is all about what’s new and creative self-expression, as evident in our ‘Weirdly Awesome’ campaign and our product lineup,” said Jill Manchester, SVP Marketing and Brand Strategy at Trolli. “We are thrilled to take that same edgy brand mindset into our digital advertising approach and execution. Not only is the creative spot on, but this innovative ad unit coupled with AdTheorent’s ability to identify these device ids and append them with such extensive data for intelligent targeting is unprecedented.”

“We’re thrilled to see Trolli’s success using our creative technology to offer their users a relevant and considered advertising experience. By leveraging their creative assets they were able to communicate a well-crafted and consistent brand story,” said Gefen Lamdan, VP Product, Celtra. “We’re active proponents of building and serving better ad experiences that put the customer first. By combining a well designed user experience and powerful brand story, you can communicate effectively to digital natives in a language tailored to them.”

About AdTheorent®

AdTheorent is a technology company that is transforming digital advertising through user identity mapping and data-driven predictive solutions. AdTheorent’s machine learning technology platform, Cross-Environment Map and Barometric® technologies help brands understand and connect with their audiences at scale.

AdTheorent’s machine learning technology platform combines millions of data attributes into precise and accurate adaptive models for the purpose of identifying optimal audiences. Powered by data-driven intelligence, AdTheorent’s platform delivers the right ad, to the right user, at the right time – all in “real time” within brand advertisers’ ROAS and performance goals.

AdTheorent provides the most comprehensive cross-environment mapping infrastructure in market, which maps millions of unique device IDs to US households (without using or obtaining individual identities) and other physical locations, and appends those device IDs with extensive 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data sources. As a mobile-first Data Management Platform, AdTheorent is uniquely positioned to match offline and online data to mobile at scale, affect cross-environment targeting and break new ground in media attribution including physical activity such as purchase.

AdTheorent’s Barometric measurement and analytics solution features the advertising industry’s most advanced cross-environment tracking and attribution solution, providing the “post-click and post view” signals necessary for modeling to (i.e., predicting) true user engagement and awareness.

The collective result to AdTheorent-partnered brands and marketers is higher engagement rates across any client-defined metric – The Intelligent Impression®. For more information, visit:

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