Ve Interactive Launches Self-Service Platform for Start-Ups and Growing Brands to Solve Abandonment and Conversion Challenges in eCommerce

–       Ve Interactive, has launched its automated SaaS (software as a service) platform to empower businesses to set up their own onsite engagement and email remarketing campaigns to generate more sales online.
–       This easy-to-use platform will save precious time and resource in terms of campaign set-up and management, and the pay-on-performance commission model make it the ideal solution for start-ups, SMEs and growing companies to tackle website abandonment.
–       Powered by billions of data points, Ve’s SaaS marketing solution triggers onsite engagement and cart recovery tools to encourage customers to convert online.

LONDON: Ve Interactive (“Ve”), a leading data company delivering enhanced website conversion and digital advertising for 10,000 businesses worldwide, today launches its self-service platform which gives eCommerce merchants full control of their onsite engagement and email remarketing campaigns. The Ve SaaS platform, offers businesses intelligent, conversion-enhancing technology at their finger-tips, saving countless hours in campaign set-up and management.

This move into automation means that small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with an online presence will now be able to easily implement conversion enhancing technology through one intuitive, easy-to-use platform. Users will have instant access to Ve’s consumer-centric onsite engagement panel as well as its intelligent email remarketing solution. Both solutions are proven to increase customer engagement, stem needless abandonment and turn more online browsers into buyers.

All of the technology is mobile-friendly, fully customisable and can be deployed on any website. It comes with built-in reporting dashboards for immediate performance monitoring.

Within a few clicks users can set-up their own campaigns, taking full control of the look, feel and functionality of these technology solutions. Furthermore, its pay-on-performance commission model make it an ideal solution for start-ups, SMEs and growing companies as commission is only charged for each sale converted through the Ve solutions.

The unique offering is fuelled by Ve’s extensive data resource, which tracks billions of data points daily, to intelligently display the most relevant features and messaging based on deep analysis of user behaviour and onsite activity.

David J. Brown, CEO and Co-Founder at Ve Interactive, said:

Our data shows that 76% of sales are lost at the checkout phase, with many more visitors bailing out before then. The Ve self-service platform brings enterprise-grade conversion technology to young and aspiring brands, empowering them to manage their own onsite engagement and conversion campaigns and grow their businesses faster.”

JB Thread, Chief Product Officer at Ve Interactive, said:

To date, Ve’s onsite engagement tool has increased our clients’ conversions by an average of 25% and our cart recovery technology has recovered more than £705m in transactions. Automating this technology and offering it across multiple eCommerce platform providers, will help businesses of all sizes and sectors drive greater efficiencies and, moreover, boost their revenues.”

Ve’s self-service platform is now available to download online and via multiple eCommerce integration partners.


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Ve Interactive
Ve Interactive is a leading technology company with data at its core. Every day, its vast systems collect billions of online audience data points in real-time and blend them with third-party data. Deep segmentation and analysis enables Ve to produce anonymised and actionable datasets which drive VeAds – high performance digital advertising – and the VePanel – a suite of live on page tools – to help websites to better acquire, engage and convert customers.

Founded in 2009, Ve is headquartered in London, with 36 offices worldwide. | @veinteractive