Sticky Overcomes Viewability Dilemma with New Optimization Platform ‘AdVantage’

Measures and predicts campaign performance based on the time an ad is seen

San Francisco, CA: Sticky, the cloud-based eye tracking and emotion measurement  platform, announces the launch of their latest content optimization solution – Sticky AdVantage. The product, which focuses on optimizing campaign performance, introduces a new currency for ad valuation and performance measurement based on eye-tracking technology. Using AdVantage you’ll be able to measure which of your ads are seen the most. More time seen means more recall and hence, more conversion.

AdVantage introduces agencies, brands and media buyers to two new metrics:

1. Time Engaged
2. Percent Seen

These metrics deliver a 5x higher correlation with conversion when compared to clicks, page loads, impressions, viewability, etc. By using these measures, AdVantage allows campaigns to achieve higher engagement and therefore greater ROI.

“Sticky’s visual engagement metrics have become a core component of many InSkin campaigns. Independent research proves that visual engagement time and frequency are important drivers of key brand metrics; Sticky’s services help us validate that the long in-view times our formats generate also translate into high visual attention and branding impact”, said InSkin Global Insight Lead, Sebastian Schindler.

“We also use Sticky’s eye-tracking data, to analyse specific creative executions and to empower InSkin’s design teams to continually deliver engaging, industry-leading creative work” says Schindler.

As defined by the Media Rating Council (MRC), a display ad is considered viewable when 50% of an ad’s pixels are in view on the screen for a minimum of one second. However consumers have adapted to the growing influx of online ads, subconsciously blocking them out – this is what AdVantage aims to change. It shows advertisers what the users actually see. Advertisers can finally answer the question, “Is my ad being seen?”

AdVantage shows where viewers’ eyes spend the most time and what path their eyes take to arrive at a particular area of interest. The new solution builds upon Sticky’s existing offerings by allowing advertisers to run the whole process completely online and without the need for any special hardware or software. Once an AdVantage experiment is initiated on Sticky, results can be viewed within hours, not days. This gives advertisers, agencies and media buyers the ability to test the performance of their ad creatives prior to campaign launch.

“We’ve reached a point in the industry where commonly accepted metrics, like viewability, are no longer viable as a predictor of success. Why should advertisers spend money for ads that are consistently tuned out, Sticky AdVantage uses real people to determine how audiences interact with an advertiser’s creative, before they invest in a live campaign,” says Hans Lee, CEO, Sticky.

About Sticky
Sticky was founded on the conviction that marketing innovation starts with measuring visual and emotional impact. Our team includes some of the most talented professionals in visual engagement and data analytics. We leveraged our experience to create the Sticky platform with a fanatical focus on providing every marketer the tools they need to measure and analyze visual engagement..

Sticky was spun out of Tobii Technologies, the largest hardware eye tracking company in the world, with the clear goal of making eye tracking accessible through webcams and browsers.