Meetrics Forms Partnership With InMobi to Advance Quality and Transparency in Mobile Marketing

Berlin – We are proud to announce our new partnership with InMobi to increase the open measurement capabilities of media buyers and publishers alike.

This partnership offers opportunities for all our demand partners in Europe and across the globe to strengthen viewability measurements and optimise media spend, while taking advantage of the valuable audience targeting and placement options of the InMobi Exchange. Advertisers running campaigns on InMobi Exchange can now simply choose to measure their ad viewability via Meetrics’ using OM SDK technology. 

Manuel Koubek, Commercial Director of Meetrics, comments: “We are happy to partner with InMobi in mobile marketing and to advance quality and transparency in the market. The consumption of mobile media is growing by the day which is why issues such as the measurability and transparency of the resulting ad space are more important than ever.”

“Our partnership with Meetrics to support viewability on OM SDK in-app supply is a reflection of our continued efforts to provide trust and transparency for our customers,” adds Saurav Dutta, Head of Ecosystem Development and Product Partnerships, for InMobi. “We look forward to working with Meetrics to help customers reach their viewability measurement goals at scale.”

For more information, please contact Meetrics

Mohamed Laaouissi [email protected] +33624713520.
Manuel Koubek [email protected] 

About Meetrics

Since 2008, Meetrics provides measurements and analytics to enhance the quality of digital marketing and contributes to a more transparent and effective digital ecosystem. In addition to measuring the viewability of ads, Meetrics provides control over advertising environments, audience verification and protection against fraudulent ad placements. Meetrics is the first European company to be accredited by the most relevant industry body, the Media Rating Council, for Sophisticated Fraud Detection, Mobile Web Viewability measurements. Leading global companies like Google and Facebook trust in Meetrics products and services.

About InMobi

InMobi drives real connections between brands and consumers by leveraging its technology platforms and exclusive access to mobile intelligence. Its Marketing Cloud creates new paths for brands to understand, identify, engage and acquire connected consumers. As a leading technology company, InMobi has been recognised on both the 2018 and 2019 CNBC Disruptor 50 list and as one of Fast Company’s 2018 World’s Most Innovative Companies.