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zvelo Allows Page-Level Insight Into Bot and Low Quality Traffic

zvelo Allows Page-Level Insight Into Bot and Low Quality Traffic

Release of Comprehensive Page-Level Traffic dataset provides industry-leading granularity for fighting back against ad impressions from bots and undesirable traffic

Greenwood Village, Colorado – zvelo (zvelo.com), the leading provider of categorization and malicious detection data for web pages, devices and traffic, today announced the immediate availability of the Comprehensive Page-Level Traffic (CPT) dataset.

CPT allows advertisers, ad-tech platforms, and suppliers to get thorough visibility into the quality (or lack thereof) of ad impressions, down to a specific web page. This level of detail exceeds higher-level domain-based insight, enabling companies to be much smarter and more accurate with how they budget and execute their digital campaigns. While domain data might provide a cursory overview of a website’s traffic trends, the deep-dive granularity of zvelo’s page-level dataset offers specificity not yet seen in the industry.

zvelo customers using CPT will place a lightweight JavaScript tag (called the zTag) across all or a subset of targeted web pages or ad creatives. Customers then gain comprehensive classification data and insight into the validity of that specific page’s web traffic. With this knowledge, they are armed with data that gives them many options: they can work with suppliers to clean up specific traffic generation efforts, choose to move ad spend away from undesirable pages or domains, or enforce traffic cleanliness standards. The CPT dataset is also designed to easily integrate into the reporting tool of the customer’s choosing.

“Digital ad fraud continues to eat away too much of digital advertising budgets,” said Cordell BaanHofman, Vice President of Business Development, zvelo. “As problems with non-human and low-quality traffic continue to rise, it is increasingly critical that businesses have accurate, up-to-date data guiding their decisions about where and how to reach desired audiences. zvelo’s Comprehensive Page-Level Traffic dataset now provides the deepest level of web traffic quality information available in the market.”

CPT is being released following the successful launch of zvelo’s free bot detection service, also an industry first. Digital marketing businesses continue to deploy this service to quickly determine which website impressions are invalid, low quality, or non-human. CPT’s page-level knowledge can work as a more-actionable complement to businesses already using zvelo’s free bot detection capabilities.

“As an early user of zvelo’s CPT dataset, we’ve seen firsthand what this service is capable of,” said Clint Ethington, CEO, Genius Monkey. “CPT has provided our programmatic advertising platform with a critical layer of insight at the page level. It has enabled us to stop 130% more ad fraud than the industry-best averages, based on our recently completed 10-month study. zvelo has been extremely responsive to our needs every step of the way, and we look forward to continuing to address brand safety and fraud in the ad tech industry using zvelo’s solutions.”

Some advertisers will choose to pair CPT with zvelo’s Invalid Traffic (IVT) dataset. IVT delivers a continuously updated stream of IPs detected as bot and non-human traffic. This allows customers the ability to block inventory originating at the bidder level.

zvelo’s CPT dataset is priced through a monthly flat fee and variable CPM, based on usage.

About zvelo, Inc.

As a leading provider of content categorization and malicious detection data for webpages, devices and traffic, zvelo is the trusted partner for the market’s preeminent ad tech, network security, and mobile service provider/subscriber analytics vendors. zvelo solves a diverse range of client business needs including providing the foundational datasets for web filtering, parental controls, brand safety, contextual targeting, subscriber analytics, and ad fraud prevention.

zvelo, headquartered just outside of Denver, is committed to providing the market’s highest quality data products and best responsiveness. The company has additional offices in the Philippines and Florida.