AppNexus Launches Prebid Server, A Server-Side Header Bidding Solution Available Free to Publishers

Open-source technology grants publishers access to some of the largest premium demand sources

New York – AppNexus, the world’s leading independent advertising technology company, today announced the launch of Prebid Server, a server-side header bidding solution, available free to all publishers that meet AppNexus’ quality guidelines. A transparent, open-source technology, Prebid Server addresses the limitations of traditional header bidding and offers publishers the choice of drawing unique demand from AppNexus and Facebook, and shortly, Index Exchange and PubMatic.

“The days of exorbitant take-rates, hidden revenue share, and opaque pricing are drawing to a close, as publishers grow acutely aware that Google has forced them to compete on an uneven playing field for only a subset of available quality demand,” said Michael Richardson, Senior Director, Product Line Management, AppNexus.  “Prebid Server gives publishers access to the largest header bidding marketplace and premium demand sources, and creates a better user experience. It is the infrastructure of a streamlined ad tech ecosystem that maximizes value for everyone, not just Google.”

As in traditional header bidding, server-side wrappers integrate with Supply Side Platforms (SSPs), which act as demand sources and bid on publisher inventory. The process, however, takes place in the technology provider’s server cloud as opposed to the publisher’s header, creating better on-page user experience and allowing publishers to scale their demand partners without incurring latency, a deficiency of traditional header bidding.

By design, Prebid Server works in conjunction with prebid.js, the industry’s most widely-adopted, open header bidding wrapper. A combination of the two capabilities allows publishers to select which demand partners to call directly through their header bidding wrapper, while calling other partners through Prebid Server, minimizing browser calls and increasing bid density, while managing latency and optimizing revenue.

Prebid Server is the latest technology offering in the community-supported, and is available to ad tech companies who will act as demand partners and to all publishers who meet the quality requirements, regardless of whether they participate directly on the AppNexus exchange. The solution’s code is open-source, giving publishers and partners the ability to review auction dynamics for fee transparency and bias, and contributing to ad tech ecosystem founded on trust and accountability.

About AppNexus

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