Pepperjam Dynamic Attribution Drives up to 509% Growth for Retailers

New influencer performance management tools give advertisers greater revenue, cost savings and control while rewarding publishers that drive valuable traffic

CHICAGO & WILKES-BARRE, Pa. – Pepperjam, a full service performance marketing company, launched its Dynamic Attribution Suite on the Pepperjam Network at IRCE 2017. This Built-for-You technology includes Code Suppression capabilities, in addition to Preferred Publisher, Exclusive Coupon and In-Cart Attribution features. As part of its Stay in Front initiative, this momentum, with the success of launch partner MonkeySports, demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to make e-commerce solutions simple and its proven ability to help retailers easily grow online revenue.

Pepperjam launches Dynamic Attribution to drive up to 509% growth for #retailers #IRCE17

“Pepperjam removes affiliate marketing complexities from our hands so we can do what we do best, connect with athletes who need hockey, lacrosse or baseball gear,” said Tom Barr, e-commerce marketing director, MonkeySports, Inc. “Pepperjam’s Preferred Publisher solutions allowed us to score a hat trick of exceeded revenue goals with three of our top publishers.”

MonkeySports saw up to a 509% growth with influencer affiliates YoY for the first four months of 2017

As part of the Pepperjam Dynamic Attribution Suite the Preferred Publisher feature benefits both advertisers and publishers. Serving as a smarter solution to a traditional flat-fee exchange, publishers have the opportunity to earn more for the content they produce, and brands like MonkeySports can better manage budget spend and advertising strategies. Return on investment through increased revenue with Preferred Publisher partnerships include:

  • HowtoHockey – Experienced 509% growth since in January.
  • VigLink – Yielded 384% growth since November.
  • LaxGoalieRat – Generated 85% growth since January.

“VigLink was an early tester of Pepperjam’s dynamic attribution technology. The test results have been extremely positive,” said Craig McGlynn, VP advertiser development, VigLink. “We saw dramatically increased conversion rates and order values; publishers were more enthusiastic towards participating advertisers. Preferred attribution creates an unparalleled advantage for Pepperjam, and we believe networks and advertisers that stick by last-click attribution will see their market share suffer.”

Dynamic attribution brings smarter measurement and compensation to influencer marketing

While influencer marketing remains a powerful strategy and buzzword, the industry struggles to define how best to attribute, incentivize and compensate influencers. Affiliate marketing is a critical yet underrated component of influencer marketing, and Pepperjam’s advances within this sector are helping resolve attribution hurdles. Such innovations are part of the Dynamic Attribution Suite including:

  • Code Suppression – This technology allows advertisers to blacklist codes not intended for promotion. By eliminating pay-outs on such codes, brands can increase margins and return on advertising spend.
  • Preferred Publisher – Rewarding publishers for contributing to a buyer’s journey, this functionality allows advertisers to designate select publishers as preferred. Regardless of when a consumer finally makes a purchase, publishers are rewarded for referring the sale.
  • Exclusive Coupon – This unique functionality allows advertisers to assign a coupon code to a publisher and reward it with commission regardless of which partner refers the transaction.
  • In-Cart Attribution – Eliminates commissions for drive-by coupon usage—when a consumer has a product in-cart but opens a new window to find a promotional code immediately prior to purchase. Advertisers can adjust their commission structures to reward the publisher who originally influenced the purchase.

“Our Dynamic Attribution Suite solves an e-commerce challenge hinged on fact that there’s no such thing as a single-click purchase,” said Greg Shepard, CTO, Pepperjam. “As humans, we’re intrinsically curious and are inclined to research, explore and look around – even if we go directly to a retailer’s site for a specific product in mind – we want to see what else we may need or want to buy. Even when we don’t want to buy anything, an intriguing story or image may spark our need for instant retail gratification, and at Pepperjam, we help brands capture those e-commerce moments.”

To learn more about Pepperjam Dynamic Attribution and how it can benefit your brand, publisher or agency, swing by Pepperjam’s IRCE booth # 1647 or visit:

About Pepperjam

Pepperjam provides expertise and technology that enables brands to live up to their true potential. With innovative technology platforms, extensions and services, bolstered by decades of commerce expertise and the leading affiliate network, Pepperjam connects data and analytics across all performance channels.

Headquartered in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Pepperjam is a global provider with offices in London, New York, Philadelphia, Santa Cruz, Sydney, Tempe, and Toronto. Pepperjam is a portfolio company of Banneker Partners and the Permira Funds.