Pepperjam Optimizes Advertiser Efficiency by Providing Automated Publisher Recruitment Recommendations

New application cuts through the noise for marketers to help make recruitment easier by recommending the best publishers that match business goals

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. – Pepperjam, a full-service performance marketing company, announced the launch of Optimizer, their publisher recommendation engine. This release is the latest in Stay in Frontthe company’s 2017 technology campaign that brings to market an unprecedented toolset for start-to-finish strategy execution. The initial platform launch allows advertisers to gain insights, increase efficiency and take control when it comes to managing their affiliate program. The result is a simplified recruitment process that decreases time to revenue by purposefully recommending publishers to meet the needs of the brand. This announcement comes on the heels of Pepperjam’s Dynamic Attribution technology launch, which was unveiled at IRCE earlier this year.

Learn about Pepperjam Optimizer, the automated recruitment tool to support publisher recommendations

Today, advertisers are flooded with millions of possible partnership options. From an industry perspective, the application was developed to address that saturation and provide advertisers with an easier way to find the best publishers for their brand. Customized recommendations for valuable partnerships is yet another enrichment in Pepperjam’s commitment to build and strengthen relationships between our advertisers and publishers.

Advertisers need help understanding which publishers to collaborate with to drive the most value for their affiliate program; this is where Pepperjam comes in. With no additional technical effort required from the advertiser, Optimizer makes tailored publisher recommendations resulting in increased efficiency and speed to market. These recommendations are personalized based on parameters that matter most to the advertisers and publishers– which means instead of time intensive traditional research, brands can rely on Pepperjam to automate the recruitment process making better connections to achieve extraordinary results.

“We have 30 clients including DVF Studio, Seven7 Jeans and Wilson’s Leather already seeing early success from the application,” said Pepperjam CTO Greg Shepard. “By leveraging the automated recruitment capabilities that Optimizer provides, new advertisers will decrease their time to revenue through new publisher partnerships, while existing clients will see an obvious opportunity for incremental value. At Pepperjam, we highly value the ability to provide advertisers the recruitment insights needed to partner with publishers and ultimately bring more revenue to their business.”

About Pepperjam

Pepperjam provides expertise and technology that enables brands to live up to their true potential. With innovative technology platforms, extensions and services, bolstered by decades of commerce expertise and the leading affiliate network, Pepperjam connects data and analytics across all performance channels.

Headquartered in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Pepperjam is a global provider with offices in London, New York, Philadelphia, Santa Cruz, Sydney, Tempe, and Toronto. Pepperjam is a portfolio company of Banneker Partners and the Permira Funds.