SRAX Launches Boosted Facebook Post Tool in SRAX Social

LOS ANGELES – SRAX (NASDAQ: SRAX) announced the launch of a new SRAX Social tool for digital marketers and content owners to create posts and promote them beyond their Facebook Page communities. The tool is the first of many planned monetization opportunities to be developed and integrated into the SRAX Social platform.

“Organic reach for brand content on Facebook has rapidly declined leading to strong demand to boost content on the social network and beyond,” said SRAX’s CEO and Chairman Chris Miglino. “The ability to boost posts directly from SRAX Social provides digital marketers and content owners a new tool to take advantage of the paid media opportunities on Facebook, while managing social media efforts, most importantly, data across social channels and campaigns, through one platform.”

According to industry reporting, last year organic reach on Facebook for businesses fell more than 50 percent – 10 percentage points more than the decline reported in 2015.

By tapping into the Facebook API, SRAX Social provides digital marketers and content owners a streamlined, but powerful approach to creating and promoting posts easily beyond their Facebook pages. Boosting Facebook posts through SRAX Social can be targeted to specific audiences by age, location and interest, among other data points.

Through SRAX Social, data is aggregated across brands’ social media efforts, now, including boosted Facebook posts, delivering the ability to better manage, optimize and measure campaigns across social platforms.

The new tool is part of SRAX’s social media management platform, SRAX Social, which leverages programmatic technology and big data to share, schedule and automate social media content. To learn more about SRAX Social, visit:

About SRAX

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