BzzAgent and IRI Find Everyday Influencer Marketing Programs Drive the Highest Return on Ad Spend

Study Proves that Everyday Influencer Marketing Programs Drive Better Sales Performance than Digital Media, TV or Radio for CPGs

BOSTON & CHICAGO – BzzAgent from dunnhumby announced the results of a multi-year study on media performance, based on IRI®’s match market measurement influencer marketing programs, and found that real people endorsing brands on social media, known as “everyday influencers,” consistently delivered a higher return on ad spend than traditional advertising on digital media, TV and radio for CPG brands.

“Everyday influencers are so effective because they involve real people, sharing their photos, videos and personal experiences with a product”

Leveraging IRI Match Market Testing™, a proven media measurement practice used for all types of media performance analysis, the study compared influencer marketing return on ad spend to other IRI measured media for the three years. Everyday influencer programs from BzzAgent outperformed digital media and delivered double the return of TV and radio.

To determine sales impact and return on ad spend, IRI analyzes retailer store-level transactions across selected test and control markets to effectively isolate the impact of the test campaign on sales. ANCOVA analysis adjusts for any market variance or brand/competitive differences so an accurate measure of sales can be determined.

Participants in the BzzAgent influencer programs received the product for free, which was disclosed in their posts. To ensure authenticity and credibility, the consumers were not compensated or rewarded for sharing their experiences and honest reviews. Content was shared by these consumers across social media in the format they wanted, and on the sites/apps they preferred.

“Everyday influencers’ endorsements matter to consumers, because of their authenticity,” said Nishat Mehta, president of the IRI Media Center of Excellence. “Consumers are using their preferred form of communication to interact with other consumers and brands they want to hear from and are leveraging this new form of ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing to make informed purchase decisions. Since IRI is at the forefront of measuring personalized marketing, we are excited to join forces with BzzAgent, so that we can help brands match their targeted audience to the right influencer’s audience.”

“Everyday influencers are so effective because they involve real people, sharing their photos, videos and personal experiences with a product,” said Steve McLaughlin, CEO of BzzAgent. “This type of media combines authentic human emotions with the product benefits in a way that is more influential than any other media. When you involve the right people with the right activities, the sales results are consistently among the best of any type of media. BzzAgent has been a pioneer in influencer marketing and measurement and our programs are continuing to deliver outstanding sales results for the world’s largest CPGs.”

About BzzAgent

BzzAgent helps brands harness the power of human interaction and social media to create influencer marketing programs that drive sales. Our network of over a million consumers creates the authentic content, reviews and opinions that build trust and influence purchase decisions in a managed, scalable and measurable way. BzzAgent is one of the original influencer marketing companies with over 15 years of experience working with the world’s largest brands. The company was acquired by dunnhumby, a global customer science company, in 2011. Learn more about influencer marketing at

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