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Flyshot Launches Privacy-Preserving Deterministic Conversion Attribution for iOS 14

Flyshot Launches Privacy-Preserving Deterministic Conversion Attribution for iOS 14

The user acquisition solution can generate and attribute deterministic Revenue KPIs in real-time, including Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), while lengthening attribution windows up to 180 days, without any user or device data.

TORONTO – Mobile advertisers with the Flyshot SDK can now generate and attribute 100% accurate conversion KPIs by encrypting ad or influencer creative for distribution on any channel. The company supports 80+ channels and networks, including Facebook, TikTok, IronSource, Vungle and more.

The company acquires paying users for mobile apps and games by rewarding their first-time purchases with exclusive promotions or discounts.

Flyshot’s proprietary technology encrypts promotion logic into ad or influencer creative. Users redeem promotions by taking Screenshots of such ads and upload them into associated apps.

The novel Screenshot method is fully compliant with Apple’s policies as it drives In-App Purchases via their StoreKit API. Flyshot’s promotions cannot be free products or giveaways and are typically discounted or exclusive In-App Purchases.

For apps with non-Apple App Store transactions, uploading a Screenshot applies promotions at checkout, and reports associated conversions and revenues.

The advantage for users is that they can redeem promotions without having to remember and manually enter alphanumeric promotion codes. For advertisers, Flyshot allows them to attribute deterministic revenue KPIs to their ads in real-time, not bound by attribution time limits and while preserving user privacy.

The company reported quantitative and qualitative findings of 1000+ users surveyed on promotion redemption preference, with 74% preferring the Screenshot method over typing in alphanumeric promotion codes. Promotion codes can be considered a deterministic, yet privacy-preserving conversion attribution method.

Deferred deep-linking, the technology that has been used to auto-apply promotion codes for first-time users, won’t be deterministic without access to device identifiers (IDFAs) that have been deprecated on iOS 14.

The Screenshot method functions without any user or device data. Conversion analytics are aggregated at the campaign, creative and channel level.

Flyshot originally launched this technology to detect and attribute conversions generated from influencer content posted organically on channels like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

The company has been fortunate that the same technology has evolved to solve conversion attribution challenges for the entire adtech industry as a result of Apple’s privacy reforms.

“There is a clear need in the market for accurate and real-time conversion attribution not bound by time limits. This need will amplify as the impact of AppTrackingTransperency starts to create issues with reporting and optimization in the coming months. Advertisers are already receiving significantly less conversion data since the launch of iOS 14.5. Flyshot’s deterministic and real-time revenue KPIs will allow them to allocate their spend with confidence, while preserving user privacy. The response from advertisers adopting the technology has been excellent”, says co-founder and CEO, Tanya Sardana.

Flyshot has completed several integrations with customer apps since March. All of these apps successfully passed Apple’s App Store review.

“It is a challenging time for mobile developers and advertisers. Apps are being rejected from the App Store, developers are confused about which partner SDKs may be using banned fingerprinting technologies. Flyshot is providing advertisers with a safe, no-fingerprinting solution that continues to attribute accurate conversions as well as provide creative-level analytics”, says co-founder and CTO, Ronen Verdi.

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For further information: on Flyshot’s solution, visit www.flyshot.io or contact [email protected]

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