Performics Launches Amazon Advertising Bid Strategy, Auction Insights & Analytics Platform to Speed Optimization & Increase Sales

Proprietary Performics “Caiman” Platform Enables Granular Reporting, Performance Pacing and Bid/Budget Forecasting to Extract Additional Performance from Amazon Ads for Clients

CHICAGO – Performics, the premier performance marketing revenue growth driver, has released Caiman, a proprietary Amazon marketing platform that powers new insights for marketers running Amazon search advertising campaigns. Caiman provides daily keyword-level campaign data, pulled from a direct data feed from Amazon. Caiman enables Performics teams to extract data that speeds optimization frequency around bids, budget and targeting, to increase sales.

Performics Launches Amazon Advertising Bid Strategy, Auction Insights & Analytics Platform to Increase Sales

According to David Gould, Performics Global Brand President, “Brand discovery and purchase behaviors have moved far beyond ‘traditional’ search engines, with Amazon being a prime example. This new landscape requires a new approach for marketers—an approach that includes strategy and technology for engaging searchers on commerce marketplaces like Amazon. Performics’ Caiman technology makes clients’ Amazon marketing investments more effective and efficient by enabling algorithmic optimization of Amazon campaigns using daily user data.” Beyond Caiman’s data granularity, the platform significantly cuts down on manual reporting time, freeing up teams to test new distribution outlets (e.g. Walmart, Pinterest) and ad formats (e.g. Local Inventory Ads from Google), increasing probability that advertisers outperform. Caiman also enables Performics to multi-source data independent of platform/publisher commercial strategy, driving additional Amazon value for clients.

Performics buys and optimizes Amazon marketplace ads for over 50 clients globally. Performics is a preferred Amazon partner and was the first agency to receive a direct feed of clients’ data from Amazon, which populates Caiman.

Recently, Forrester Research named Performics a “Leader” in The Forrester Wave™: Search Marketing Agencies, Q4 2017, commenting: “We like … Performics’ proprietary technology to create visibility in nontraditional search engines like Amazon.”

“Almost 20 years managing performance media in paid search gives Performics unique heritage and expertise in bringing brand and performance together for end-to-end demand and response management,” said Gould. “Over the past couple years, we’ve made the investments in technology and talent to manage brand.coms and marketplaces as fully transparent performance marketing channels. Rapid deploy analytics tools like Caiman are essential in optimizing Amazon campaigns to better engage the person behind each Amazon search.”

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