Ogury Launches Active Insights – The First Complete App Ecosystem Intelligence Solution

  • Nothing that we’ve used before has given us such a clear view of our competitors’ performance.” – early adopter and leading app publisher, Perform Media
  • Landmark new app ecosystem intelligence solution provides a complete picture of any apps that matter to publishers, empowering them to understand user behaviour across verticals, and take immediate actions to maximize their engagement and retention 
  • Active Insights addresses the knowledge gap left by existing app store metrics and in-app analytics tools, offering significant benefits for both publishers and end-users

London, UK –  Ogury, the leading mobile data company, launched Active Insights, a complete app ecosystem intelligence solution for app publishers. Active Insights is powered by Ogury’s unique first-party data, leveraging real user behaviour to provide true ownership and engagement metrics far beyond what is possible with existing app store metrics or in-app analytics tools.

In the current market, app publishers have no choice but to work around the significant gaps in their app ecosystem knowledge left behind by their existing analytics tools. Specifically, many questions remain about what their users do when they’re not using their app, and around and the true performance of their competitors.

Active Insights is a step-change from currently available solutions, both paid-for and free, designed to address these shortcomings and more. By allowing publishers to explore the entirety of the app ecosystem they can identify competitors, and crucially, monitor their performance with like-for-like comparison of their own key metrics. With Active Insights, publishers can now excel at audience engagement and retention via a clear understanding of the churn factors that lead users to delete, download, or re-download apps. Publishers can also ‘activate’ these insights by building and exporting audience segments based on their app usage, with the flexibility to action them within their existing marketing and CRM tools.

Perform Media, one of the UK’s leading digital publishers, has been using Active Insights as part of a beta-test ahead of the public launch, with its suite of market leading sports apps including DAZN and GoalChris Gregory, Partner Manager at Perform Media said he’s already seen significant benefits.

Active Insights gives us a unique advantage in a competitive space,” said Gregory. ”While a lot of solutions exist to track key metrics within our own apps, nothing that we’ve used before has given us such a clear view of our competitors’ performance. This fresh perspective on the competitor landscape has supported our product team with optimising and launching updates, as well as new products. Additionally, the advertising team has benefitted hugely from understanding what users are doing on their devices outside of our apps, opening the doors to new advertisers and revenue.”

Jean Canzoneri, CEO of Ogury said: “Active Insights is a true world-first. With our solution, publishers are for the first time able to see and respond to detailed insights on user behaviour. The ability to then action those insights means publishers can supercharge their strategies to engage and retain users. The end result is a far superior experience for users, and an increased efficiency for publishers.”

“The feedback we’ve had to date from our select partners about Active Insights, and the benefits it will drive across the entire app ecosystem, has been overwhelmingly positive. This lead to a huge demand from publishers globally and with today’s launch, we’re looking forward to getting it into the hands of as many app publishers as we can,” adds Canzoneri.

Active Insights is a key component of Ogury’s suite of data solutions for app publishers, Ogury for Apps. All Ogury solutions are GDPR-ready-by-design and powered by our global network of over 400 million mobile user profiles, drawn from more than 120 countries.

Active Insights is available globally from today. For more information and to sign up for a free account, head over to the official homepage here:https://forapps.ogury.co/registration

About Ogury

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