Ogury Launches Consent Manager

Free solution to help publishers comply with GDPR requirements

London – Ogury, the world’s leading mobile data company, launches Consent Manager to strengthen its Ogury for Apps suite of solutions. This new product enables app publishers to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into effect on May 25, 2018.

Since its inception in 2014, Ogury has been developing solutions that help brands and app publishers get the most out of mobile user data. By greatly simplifying the collection of consent from users of apps, Consent Manager aligns with this mission and further strengthens the Ogury for Apps suite of solutions.

A free solution for Ogury partners
Designed for Android and iOS-based applications, Consent Manager is a free product that is available to all Ogury app partners. This unique, end-user, license agreement-management interface simplifies user review and validation of the collection and use of data. The user can freely consent to or opt-out of the collection, and the publisher can centralize all requests for consent in a single interface. This integrated, easy and transparent solution for both publishers and end-users is a continuation of Ogury’s dedication to data management, based on values of transparency, protection and consent. Consent Manager allows Ogury to offer its partners a complete ecosystem of solutions, while ensuring all the other connected players in the ecosystem respect the new GDPR legislation.

Consent Manager, available in open source in 2019
Though the beta version of Consent Manager released today is exclusively for partnered publishers who have integrated the Ogury SDK into their applications, Ogury will promote a universal ecosystem that respects user data. Beginning in July, the Consent Manager solution will be available to every publisher. Continuing its dedication to promoting best practices in the collection of consent and the respect of user data, Ogury will open the Consent Manager software to all app editors in 2019, enabling engineers to collaboratively improve upon the product.

“GDPR is a fundamental step forward for the data protection of European citizens,” said Jules Minvielle, Chief Strategy Officer at Ogury. “We look forward to this GDPR initiative that represents a major step forward and an undeniable competitive advantage for compliant data specialists. It is essential to ensure the consent and protection of users on the data issue. As Ogury’s dedication to data protection and privacy is in its DNA since launch, the issue of consent is at the heart of the design of our products.”

Test your knowledge with the “GDPR Grandmaster Challenge”
In order to raise awareness about the challenges of the GDPR, and to allow everyone to have a more complete understanding of the new regulations, Ogury is also launching “The GDPR Grandmaster Challenge“, a 10-question online quiz about general GDPR knowledge that is accessible to the general public. The interactive digital experience is intended to be an educational project that further emphasizes Ogury’s mission to support and spread the protection of user data.

About Ogury
Ogury, the world’s leading mobile data company, enables brands, publishers and users to make informed choices; and secure their fair share of value in a complex and competitive mobile ecosystem. Founded in 2014, Ogury works with the world’s major media agencies, and leading brands and publishers. Ogury has access to 400m+ high quality and consented mobile user profiles in 120 countries. This unique data fuels Ogury’s integrated suites of solutions for publishers and for brands. Ogury has offices in London, New York, Paris, Milan, Rome, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Detroit and Madrid, and we’re just getting started. For more information, please visit www.ogury.com.