Kind Ads Proposes Reputational Solution to Combat Fake Ads

Kind Ads is a platform for serving ethical ads that respect user privacy. In the wake of the fake ads scandal that has led to lawsuits against Facebook, Kind Ads is proposing to “make the internet kind again”.

Kind Ads, a platform that connects advertisers and publishers, has proposed an innovative solution to combat fraudulent ads. Following on the heels of the fake news revelations that impacted consumer trust in Facebook, the social network has found itself on the receiving end of a lawsuit for running fake ads. UK financial guru Martin Lewis has promised to pursue Facebook through the courts for permitting his image and reputation to be used in fraudulent schemes. Advertising platforms such as Google have faced similar accusations.

Explaining how Kind Ads intends to mitigate fake ads, CEO Saulo Medeiros says: “At Kind Ads we aren’t just connecting advertisers with publishers: we’re also looking at the quality of the ads and publishers. If an ad is flagged as “fake news” or a scam, it will be suspended, pending investigation, and if proven, the advertiser will be banned from the platform.”

He continues: “One of the major problems with existing platforms is that even if one fake ad is squashed, a dozen more will spring up to replace it. We’re devising an intelligent early detection system that can spot problematic ads before they’ve had a chance to go live. Coupled with a one-click report button, this will dramatically mitigate fraudulent ads, and help to restore the trust that is currently missing from online advertising.”

The abuses platforms such as Facebook and Google have suffered have been exacerbated by intermediaries, some of whom have been culpable of unethical behavior by seeking to game the system in the pursuit of more greater engagement. By eliminating these middlemen, Kind Ads allows publishers and advertisers to interact directly and to establish trust. A reputational system incentivizes ethical advertising, and creates an environment in which good behavior is rewarded.

“If publishers continually let bad ads run on their site, their score will go down and it will be harder to them to earn Kind tokens. As a consequence, it is in their best interest to stop any bad ads from running on their site,” explains Saulo Medeiros.

The Kind Ads platform enables advertisers to serve ads in a variety of ways including push notifications, chatbots, and banner ads, but configured in such a manner so as not to impact on the user experience. Kind Ads’ solution provides all the benefits of blockchain technology, without introducing added layers of complexity. By creating a fairer and more transparent business model, Kind Ads is seeking to play its part in democratizing the internet, and in doing so to eliminate fake and misleading ads that impact upon the browsing experience for all web users.

Since launching in early 2018, Kind Ads has been onboarding advertisers from ad agencies and utilizing the Neil Patel network that includes two million blog readers, 650,000 podcast listeners, 900,000 Facebook fans, and 200,000 Twitter followers. The Neil Patel network is also bringing publishers onboard from partnerships with other publishing platforms like As the Kind Ads platform grows and its roadmap is rolled out, it will mature into a complete advertising platform in which publishers and advertisers can connect and develop long-term partnerships. In doing so, they will boost their profitability and be freed from the stranglehold exerted by the internet monopolies.

Kind Ads is an advertising platform that serves user-friendly ads without taking any middleman fees. Advertisers save money, but publishers keep more of it, bottom line – it is advertising without the irritating ads that doesn’t disrupt people’s online experience. Kind Ads show relevant ads through channels like email marketing and push notifications, letting people browse the web without being bombarded by irrelevant and intrusive ads.