PremiumMedia360 Aligns with TIP Initiative to Accelerate Automated Advertising Transactions for Local Television and Media Agency Partners

NEW YORK – PremiumMedia360, the leading advertising data automation company, announced it is fully aligned with the TV Interface Practices (TIP) initiative started by a consortium of local broadcasters. The initiative, which is currently supported by more than 800 TV stations, addresses the fragmentation of transactional data across the local TV industry.

To address the rapid changes in linear TV advertising, PremiumMedia360 recently introduced the world’s first intelligent, open-source transactional data management platform for linear TV advertising: Guidance Intelligent Assistant® (GIA) Cloud. The AI-powered SaaS solution acts as a universal translator that cost effectively integrates with 100 percent of existing media software platforms, to reformat, automate and synchronize the data flow in TV media sales transactions.

As part of its alignment with TIP, PremiumMedia360’s platform provides open-source, automated data communication, using the TIP framework, to synchronize the TV station data with ad agency data, and ensure its both free of errors and with no missing elements. The GIA Cloud also allows open APIs to connect other data partners in the media industry. If permissioned by stations, networks or agencies, these data partners can then access the media transaction information to create new services for buyer or seller and support further industry innovation.

“Faced with the challenge of automating legacy systems, the TV industry and their agency counterparts benefit from an accelerated path to achieving seamless, unobstructed data connectivity,” said John Bowser, CEO, PremiumMedia360. “We’ve invested the better part of a decade in solving this problem and are eager to extend the benefits of GIA Cloud to all the players involved with the TIP Initiative.”

About PremiumMedia360

PremiumMedia360, the leading advertising data automation company, provides seamless data synchronization and data connectivity between ad agencies and media company partners. Its intelligent, open-source data management platform, Guidance Intelligent Assistant (GIA) Cloud, integrates with all media software systems to synchronize advertising data, making it more reliable and error-free. Acting as a universal translator, GIA Cloud has reformatted, automated and synchronized the data flow of more than $1 billion dollars in TV media sales to-date. To learn more, visit