ADmantX Launches Its New Hyper-Granular Contextual Taxonomy for More Precise Contextual Targeting in the GDPR Era

With more than 1,200 categories, the new ADmantX taxonomy (the first to include new IAB content classification and categories), provides greater precision and customisation for targeted ad placements in the GDPR era and is a fundamental base for 1st party profiling and digital customer interaction modelling.

London – ADmantX, leading provider of semantic-based solutions for contextual advertising and 1st party audience profiling, announced the launch of its new powerful taxonomy with more than 1,200 categories, offering publishers, advertisers, and adtech vendors access to granular contextual targeting for appropriate, brand-safe ad placements, and precise inventory/navigation analysis to empower optimisation and 1st party profiling.

Available to ADmantX customers from June, the updated taxonomy includes the 698 new IAB Tech Lab categories and expands deeper into other key contextual areas of interest and content analysis, providing 1,200+ contextual categories. The categories increase granularity in segments such as Business & Finance (types of investments, new payment forms/crypto-currencies, detailed vertical industries sectors, etc.), Style & Fashion, Music (extensive music genre list), Events (24 new events types), Health (healthy living categories and medical health categories expansion), Sports (new trendy and social sports added), Automotive, Video Gaming (games type), Technology & Computing (new tech trend categories such as AI and wearables), Television & Movies (extensive movie and TV genres list) and Travel.

Thanks to its true Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, the taxonomy also improves the technology’s ability to detect emotions solicited at the page-level (on top of generic sentiment) such as love, passion, sadness, etc.

“With GDPR in effect, granular contextual targeting is a key alternative and our new taxonomy, combined with our existing optimised contextual segments, will allow for greater precision and flexibility to all our customers for ad targeting and brand safety purposes,” commented Giovanni Strocchi, CEO at ADmantX. “The launch of the new taxonomy in a short time frame is the result of our unique NLP Semantic cognitive technology, which understands true page meaning with unmatched precision and has no need for a long error reduction process, as is necessary with traditional keyword engines.”

Giovanni Strocchi continues: “More detailed contextual segments will also be a key benefit to the multiple brand and agency customers that today use our smart page reading for their 1st party profiling on their DMPs and their digital customer interaction modeling and planning.”

About ADmantX
ADmantX is a leading provider of NLP semantic-based solutions for contextual advertising, advanced brand safety and 1st party audience profiling. With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), cognitive technologies, and machine learning, ADmantX has a unique ability to read content the same way a human would to understand the contextual meaning within online content. This allows advertisers and publishers to match ads to relevant content at granular page level, ensuring brand safety and creating owned detailed consumer profiles so that campaigns can be tailored for maximum impact.

ADmantX works with global clients and is integrated with leading DSPs and SSPs.

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