Exponential Unveils New Performance-Based Video Solution: VDX Connect

Solution includes creative features developed for various key industry verticals

EMERYVILLE, Calif. –Exponential Interactive, one of the largest digital advertising companies reaching more than 700 million users monthly, has released a new video solution that can be held accountable to performance metrics as measured by last-view or other performance attribution models. VDX Connect allows brands to reach consumers with interactive video messaging at scale across various ad formats. The solution also includes features that are specifically designed for the needs of marketers in different industries. One of the first brands to use this new video solution is CDW, a provider of technology products and services for business, government and education.

“When it came to our digital marketing strategy, we needed an online video solution to reach highly qualified audiences who are ready to make a purchase, allowing us to measure sales success. When our agency and Exponential came to us with VDX Connect, we jumped at the opportunity to be forward thinking in the digital video industry and we are delighted with the ongoing sales outcomes they deliver,” said Jeff Kahn, Sr. Manager, Digital Strategy at CDW.

VDX Connect includes a blend of in-frame and expandable video formats for mobile, desktop and in-stream, optimized to innovatively achieve the advertiser’s campaign goals. Impressions for VDX Connect are sold on a Cost Per View (CPV) model and report time in-view based on an in-view standard of five seconds on mobile devices, 10 seconds on desktop and 15 seconds for in-stream. Whilst sold on a CPV basis, campaigns are optimized based on Cost Per Action performance goals.

Based on a recent study conducted by the CMO Council and Viral Gains, out of the 233 surveyed senior level marketers only 27 percent look to direct sales as a success metric for video advertising. Yet 78% of respondents believed that a CMO’s success was directly tied to sales, showcasing a massive disconnect between revenue accountability of a marketer and video ad success based on traditional awareness metrics.

“With our new VDX Connect offering, Exponential aims to address a gap in the marketplace for metrics that tie sales directly to video advertising. We are providing marketers a truly unique and performance-driven video solution that takes viewability and reach to new levels. VDX Connect enables clients to reach desired consumers across the entire funnel while holding video accountable to verified performance metrics,” said Tim Sleath VP, Product Management, Exponential.

To meet the unique needs of brands in key industries, VDX Connect includes functionalities that are specifically designed for marketers in verticals like travel, finance, QSR and auto. Examples of features include image galleries, menus, dynamic maps and reward programs, which are designed to guide the consumer through the entire journey and assist in the decisioning process.

Other benefits of VDX Connect include:

  • Accountability to performance metrics as measured by last-view or other attribution models
  • Video messaging at scale and at all stages of the consumer journey
  • Seamless and consistent experiences across ad sizes, mediums and devices
  • Access to proprietary interest-based audiences
  • Real-time optimization
  • Delivers upstream awareness with downstream ROI

About Exponential
Exponential is a technology-driven advertising company that enables brands to drive consumer engagement and performance across display, video and mobile.

When you have the right balance of people and technology, amazing things can happen. Exponential uses big data and machine learning to understand consumer interests in real-time, and delivers innovative creative experiences designed to trigger emotions that drive affinity and spend.

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