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Bidalgo Brings Artificial Intelligence to Digital Ad Creative With the Launch of Creative AI

Bidalgo Brings Artificial Intelligence to Digital Ad Creative With the Launch of Creative AI

Machine Learning, video and image recognition helps advertisers produce the highest performing ad creative

SAN FRANCISCO — Bidalgo (www.bidalgo.com), a leading provider of ad creative automation software and services for app marketers, announced the launch of Creative AI, the first Artificial Intelligence-based technology to help advertisers design high-performance ad creative. An integrated part of Bidalgo’s self-serve ad automation platform, Creative AI uses image- and video-recognition technology to analyze every component of an advertiser’s creative, down to each individual pixel, and help advertisers develop ad creative that drives campaign goals.

Creative AI uses Bidalgo’s proprietary AI-based algorithms to break down the DNA of successful ad creative by analyzing dozens of variables including images, colors, promotions, contrast, concepts, copy, and more. The solution measures the impact of all variables on app marketing campaign goals such as Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), Cost Per Install (CPI) and more, and it then provides clear insights into what makes certain creative over- or under-perform, while recommending which creative elements to promote and which ones to replace. It also delivers an innovative creative brief that advertisers can use with their own creative teams, Bidalgo’s in house design studio or 3rd party design partners to produce new ad creative that drive results. The technology requires very limited upfront input and uses machine learning to save marketers countless days or even weeks running A/B tests.

“Winning ad creatives make all the difference in scaling user acquisition campaigns, but marketers are flying blind when it comes to knowing what makes good ad creative work” said Peli Beeri, CEO of Bidalgo. “Artificial Intelligence has worked its way into every other part of the digital advertising process, and now advertisers can finally get AI-based insights and recommendations on how to improve ad creative as well. Creative AI eliminates the guesswork involved in developing ad creative so that advertisers know exactly which assets perform well, why they perform well, and how to create more successful assets.”

Creative AI uses innovative AI-based algorithms, combined with image- and video-recognition technology, to provide the following insights:

  • Creative Brief: Study this vital document to get key insights into which elements drive the performance of top creative assets, including which images, colors and general concepts are most effective, with specific recommendations on how to design the next generation of campaign creative for maximum results.
  • Asset Scorecard: Get a complete blueprint of all ad components and learn how they measure up against the rest of your industry. Quickly understand what’s working, what’s not, and gain valuable insights for immediate fixes.
  • Industry Trends – stay in the know into what’s working for your relevant industry – ad types, placements, playables as example.
  • Copy Analysis: Find out which word choices, phrases and calls-to-action resonate best with targeted audiences and are most effective for achieving campaign goals.
  • Element Analysis: Learn which elements performed well and which ones performed poorly across all campaign creatives, covering image, video, concepts and more.
  • Top Color Combinations: Understand which colors and color combinations work best to help achieve campaign objectives, with specific recommendations on which color palettes drive the best and worst performance.
  • Top Potential Creatives: Learn which creative assets Bidalgo’s AI algorithms identify as high-quality but are not being delivered to their full potential so that more spend can be allocated to them.

Advertisers can rely on Bidalgo’s in-house design team to produce their next generation creative. Bidalgo is adding more design partners that will connect directly to its platform, such as Glispa Create and CrossInstall for playable ad production. Bidalgo gathers data from media partners such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat and others, as well as industry measurement partners such as AppsFlyer, Adjust, and others to turn the right data into the best performing ad creative using the power of AI.

Bidalgo’s Creative AI helped app developer Pixelberry crack the code on ad creative for its hit game, Choices. Pixelberry relied on Bidalgo’s Creative AI to continuously optimize campaign creative in order to leverage winning elements and to produce the next generation of high-performing creative. This strategy led to massive growth for Choices, including 42 times more installs, 185% growth in ROI and a 78% lower Cost Per Action. A complete case study can be read at https://hubs.ly/H0cZBqv0.

“Using Bidalgo AI solutions has allowed us to not only scale to millions of users with incredible return on ad spend, but also understand what type of additional game content to produce and who our target audience is on a deeper level,” said Filippo De Rose, Head of Marketing and Ad Monetization Pixelberry Studios. “Bidalgo was one of our key partners in breaking into the top 10 grossing apps.”

About Bidalgo
Bidalgo is the leading provider of ad automation solutions to help app marketers achieve unparalleled growth quickly, easily and profitably. The company’s SaaS platform offers the mobile industry’s only end-to-end suite of Artificially Intelligent media buying services, from uploading ads and optimizing their performance to handling real-time bid management, budget allocation and more. As an official marketing partner of Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat and Pinterest, Bidalgo manages more than $300 million in annual ad spend for clients in gaming, consumer, fin-tech and other verticals. Bidalgo’s AI algorithm is backed by an experienced team of performance marketers, creative designers, media buyers and account managers dedicated to each client. Founded in 2010, Bidalgo has offices in San Francisco, Tel Aviv and Seoul. For more information visit: http://www.bidalgo.com.