Peer39 by Sizmek Unveils AI-driven Pre-bid and Post-buy Reporting, Advances Fraud Detection and Filtration

Brand safety solution provider now detects Sophisticated Invalid Traffic, providing marketers with protection for their brand’s equity and investment across all inventory types/media channels

London — Sizmek, the largest independent buy-side platform in the world, announced the industry’s first multichannel AI-driven fraud detection and filtration solution that uniquely identifies bots and other invalid traffic threats. Combined with Sizmek’s existing data enablement, creative optimisation and media execution capabilities, Peer39 by Sizmek diminishes risk exposure, increases brand protection by further supporting brand integrity, and improves media spend efficiency by limiting pounds wasted on fraudulent activity. Additionally, the company is unveiling an enhanced iteration of its post-buy verification dashboard now including video — providing a consolidated, ad server agnostic advertiser and campaign reporting.

“As the needs of our clients always come first, we perpetually strive to protect brand investments through our advanced AI capabilities. This solution set was specifically designed to provide marketers with custom fraud filtration and detection,” said Oren Regev, VP, Product Management at Sizmek. “The Peer39 pre-bid targeting offering is available in the Sizmek DSP, as well as numerous others, and verification reporting is accessible regardless of the ad serving technology for both display and video ads. The solution further demonstrates our commitment to helping agencies and brands uncover the benefits of a unified platform that sits across the entirety of a media plan.”

This announcement showcases Sizmek’s dedication to innovating the standards and processes of verification, particularly as it combats fraud, protects brand investment, and enables brand safe environments. The AI-driven fraud detection and filtration solution is available for display, video and mobile, and offers enhanced post-buy reporting and extensive viewability, verification and performance data around pre-bid targeting parameters. Users can apply such learnings to adjust targeting parameters that protect their brand, and improve performance.

The company understands that fraudsters develop new ways to disrupt the digital landscape. To address one of the chief concerns of brand marketers and agencies, Sizmek developed its market-first AI-powered fraud detection and filtration capabilities that target Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT), or difficult to detect methods used by bad actors that require advanced analytics, multi-point corroboration or coordination, or significant human intervention. This data can be used to diminish risk exposure and limit dollars wasted on fraudulent activity, thus boosting media efficiency while keeping the brand safe.

According to a recent report from Juniper Research, advertisers will lose an estimated $19 billion to fraudulent activities this year, equivalent to $51 million per day. With the growing complexity of fraud, Peer39 by Sizmek uses AI to study characteristics of domain-based fraud, and builds a model from user and session data to identify post-buy fraud. The offering detects bots and automatic behavior, fake URLs, fake events, malware and suspicious activity.

“With Peer39’s robust verification offering, we are able to evaluate and optimise the effectiveness of the strategies implemented in the campaign set up,” said Marco Frade, Head of Digital, Media and PR at LG Electronics Brasil.  “With such an in-depth and granular view across all media channels, we have complete transparency of where our ads are running, if they are being seen, how well they may be performing, and specifically where we can adjust campaign targeting to improve viewability and performance.  Using Peer39 Verification puts the control back into our hands.”

The enhanced verification dashboard and reporting offering is available globally. For more information, visit

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