Tenjin Named a Snapchat Partner for Mobile Measurement

App marketers can now apply Tenjin’s user-level attribution and analytics services to Snap Ads, Lenses and Story Ads campaigns

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Tenjin (www.tenjin.com), the mobile marketing infrastructure company, announced today that it has been named an official Snapchat Mobile Measurement Partner. The partnership enables app marketers to optimize their install campaigns through Snap Ads, Lenses and Story Ads using extremely detailed user-level data through Tenjin’s powerful attribution and analytics platform.

“With 188 million unique users on Snapchat every day, it’s more important than ever for marketers to apply high-quality analytics and growth data to their Snapchat advertising campaigns,” said Christopher Farm, CEO of Tenjin. “We are excited to join forces with Snap Inc. as a Mobile Measurement Partner, allowing marketers to optimize their campaigns for maximum ROI by tracking performance at a depth and granularity that is unprecedented in the industry.”

Tenjin provides a comprehensive suite of visualization and data intelligence solutions enabling app marketers to track the performance of app install campaigns by retention, revenue, ROI and other metrics on a per-user level. These tools give Snapchat advertisers the real-time data and insights they need to make actionable decisions for optimizing the targeting and creative of their app install campaigns. Tenjin also provides a flexible data warehousing solution that gives marketers a powerful infrastructure to build custom analyses of campaign data.

Mobile Measurement Partners are Snapchat-approved platforms that offer dedicated mobile tracking services for mobile app install campaigns. App installs expand on Snap Ads’ traditional 10-second vertical videos by giving users direct access to the app stores. For more details on Snapchat’s marketing services, visit its ad products website.

Existing Tenjin clients can contact their account managers with questions on how to start tracking their Snap Ads, Lenses and Story Ads campaigns. New customers can request a free demo or sign up for an account at www.tenjin.com.

About Tenjin
Tenjin is a growth data infrastructure platform, providing developers and marketers with a single comprehensive platform for mobile app analytics, attribution and ad network data aggregation, with a data warehousing solution for direct access to user-level data. Tenjin is the only platform that combines cost data from all of the top advertising sources with both IAP and ad revenue to give marketers true insight into the exact ROI for each and every user. Based in San Francisco, Tenjin is a Y Combinator company trusted by Fortune 1000 companies and indie developers alike, including Voodoo, Natural Motion, Playdots, N3twork, Playgendary, and more. For more information, visit www.tenjin.io.