Cognitiv Launches New Product That Enables Advertiser-Specific Custom Algorithms for All Major Self-Service DSPs

Cognitiv Curation auto-optimizes programmatic media buying with real-time Deal IDs to save time and lower customer acquisition costs at scale

NEW YORK – Cognitiv, the leading provider of deep learning AI for marketers, today announced the launch of Cognitiv Curation, a new Dynamic Deals solution that automates campaign optimization in real-time using algorithms built specifically for each advertiser. These algorithms, powered by deep learning, curate which impressions a media trader should buy by evaluating each impression in real-time, and labeling the ones most likely to drive a conversion with a unique Deal ID.

“We created Cognitiv Curation to solve one of the biggest problems facing advertisers and media agencies today. Manual optimization in the self-serve DSPs is very hard and time consuming,” says Cognitiv CEO & Co-Founder, Jeremy Fain. “Curation is meant to help traders prospect for new customers at scale, giving them more time to optimize other tactics that may be effective, but have a limited scale.”

Cognitiv Curation uses a marketer’s first-party data to build self-learning, custom algorithms specific to each advertiser and each KPI. These algorithms automatically optimize a marketer’s campaign by learning from successful and unsuccessful outcomes, and are able to adapt in real-time based on consumer behavior and market conditions. Cognitiv works with the advertiser or media trader to set up the Deal IDs for whichever DSP they use, then the trader buys that Deal ID as the Curation algorithm labels the right impressions in real-time. These Dynamic Deals differ from traditional Private Marketplaces (PMPs) because each impression is evaluated in real-time and labeled before it reaches the DSP. This allows the algorithm to evolve in real-time and change the users, the context, the time, and the messages that are being chosen for each impression.

“Adding new customers and retaining existing ones is the lifeblood of any business, but it is very hard to find them at an efficient cost at scale,” added Fain. “Traders do not have the tools or the time to efficiently explore all the options, tactics, and audiences available to them. One day, one audience or tactic might work, but the next it won’t or doesn’t scale. Deep learning is how Cognitiv solves these problems, saving traders time while delivering new customers at scale and at an efficient cost.”

Cognitiv’s core deep learning platform, NeuralMind, synthesizes user journey data to deliver unified optimization that can be applied across any industry or vertical. Cognitiv’s innovative performance solutions have been shown to be significantly more effective than other similar products on the market, enabling clients to deliver engaging ad experiences proven to convert at scale.

Cognitiv Curation is the latest product added to the full suite of solutions, which include: Cognitiv Performance, Cognitiv Incremental, Cognitiv CPG, Cognitiv CTV, Cognitiv Retargeting and Cognitiv Retention.

About Cognitiv
At Cognitiv, our deep learning applications and technologies autonomously drive full-funnel marketing performance at scale. Each marketer has a unique set of goals, which is why we created a platform capable of automatically building custom algorithms that simultaneously consider the user, the context, the message and the campaign objectives. We combine deterministic data and advanced data processing techniques to continuously train these algorithms as they optimize for our clients’ key performance indicators.

Our combination of award-winning technology, advanced data processing and AI experts deliver personalized media experiences across display, mobile, connected TV and custom audiences. Our proprietary platform, NeuralMind, and innovative performance solutions deliver our clients and their customers with engaging ad experiences proven to convert.

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