What If the Key to Return on Digital Ad Spend Was Hiding in Plain View?

IAS launches Online Conversion Lift, empowering advertisers to tie ad verification and exposure-time metrics to campaign success

NEW YORK — Advertisers now have the ability to understand how viewability and time-in-view truly impact consumers and drive conversions. Online Conversion Lift (OCL) from Integral Ad Science (IAS) ties verification metrics to digital campaign ROI, providing advertisers with tactical insights that help them reduce campaign waste and optimize performance.

Proving return on digital ad spend with Online Conversion Lift @integralads

Maintaining the integrity of campaign success measurements in the face of rapidly changing technology and consumer behavior is a huge challenge for advertisers. In fact, over 75% of advertisers told IAS in their Industry Pulse Report that connecting campaign exposure to ROI is the strongest driver of digital budgets in 2019. OCL aims to address this need by ensuring campaign outcomes are based on true consumer exposure. Noise from fraudulent and non-viewed impressions are removed from the equation, so that advertisers can use more accurate time-based metrics to gain deeper insight into the drivers of campaign performance.

“Digital campaign measurement was born at a time when the digital ecosystem was much simpler, when an ad served meant that a real consumer had the opportunity to see the creative. In recent years, efforts to mitigate new industry challenges like viewability and ad fraud have largely been siloed from efforts to optimize for greater campaign success,” said Margaret Hung, VP Product Management, Activation. “IAS would like to see a more holistic approach adopted in the marketplace, where verification and traditional ad effectiveness metrics are used more accurately to assess campaign performance and maximize ROI for advertisers.”

Online Conversion Lift helps advertisers by:

  • Eliminating fraudulent and non-viewable impressions from the overall analysis of campaign effectiveness, offering insights based on actual campaign exposure.
  • Helping measure and recommend optimal media exposure time beyond minimum viewability standards (i.e., 1 second for display and 2 seconds for video), ensuring advertisers have the best insights to assess their campaigns and take action.
  • Providing tangible data and actionable insights to be used for optimization decisions for current campaigns or future media buys across media partners and placements.

“We’ve been integrating ad verification solutions such as viewability and ad fraud since Q3 of 2016, but weren’t able to see the real impact of viewability and impressions on campaign results. To address this challenge, we implemented IAS’ Online Conversion Lift,” said Shintaro Muraoka, Media Communication Manager, Nestle Japan Ltd. “In the early stages of integration, we’re seeing a correlation between viewability and time-in-view and are now able to identify the optimal time-in-view and frequency contributing to conversion. These results can potentially be used to reallocate campaign budgets and maximize outcomes. Online Conversion Lift is a very effective solution for identifying the value of viewability on conversions and providing specific data that can be used to improve media planning.”

“Clients come to us for support and expertise in ensuring they are running safe and successful campaigns. Online Conversion Lift allows us to be very strategic when it comes to executing campaigns that deliver real results,” said Ed McElvain, SVP Director of Media Sciences (Global) at MullenLowe Mediahub. “We have been able to identify the optimal time-in-view and frequency metrics for a JetBlue campaign to drive a 25% lift in flight searches.”

For more information about Online Conversion Lift, visit our Insider blog.

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