Pocketmath PRO’s AppGraph Extends Reach of Mobile Advertisers to Competitors’ Customers and Others in Similar Verticals

SINGAPORE — Pocketmath, a global leading technology company that provides programmatic advertising solutions, announced a new feature to Pocketmath PRO, its enhanced mobile demand-side platform (DSP) designed to give users control over their mobile programmatic campaigns. AppGraph is PRO’s audience discovery feature that allows users to discover new audiences, including competitors’ users, offering advertisers a more direct way to intelligently build audiences and gain market share.

With AppGraph, PRO users have access to mobile app audience insights, allowing its users to target a selected group of people based on the mobile apps they own. PRO’s Audiences feature, which allows users to create custom audience profiles based on several factors—including age, interests, routines, etc.—offers users a crystal-clear understanding of the lifestyle and context of targeted audiences that can be combined with mobile app insights. AppGraph then enables users to place relevant messages on apps their targeted audiences are using, thus ensuring that PRO’s users are spending mobile budgets efficiently.

Pocketmath Head of Product Nuno Jonet explains, “Imagine you had access to your competitors’ customers and the extensive data on each customer’s phone? Well, that’s precisely what AppGraph provides Pocketmath PRO users. By allowing our customers to target audiences based on what apps they have installed, how often they’re opened and when they were last used, we are enabling our customers the opportunity to advertise and pitch what makes their app, product or service better to the people most interested.”

PRO delivers valuable advertising experiences to all levels of in-house marketers, programmatic media professionals, and mobile-driven businesses. The self-serve mobile DSP offers quality mobile inventory, essential targeting methods, insight-driven optimization and automation, and KPI-driven insights and reporting. Armed with proprietary programmatic technology, Pocketmath processes massive amounts of data – from thousands of apps, games, and mobile websites, to millions of smartphone and tablet users. Harnessing this capability, Pocketmath helps its users bid on ad placements on apps and mobile web, and dynamically price each impression to optimize its users’ ad spends.

Further, employing PRO’s mobile-specific measurements and reporting processes, campaign insights can be applied to improve your current campaign optimization and build future media buying strategies or retargeting processes.

About Pocketmath

Pocketmath is a leading global provider programmatic advertising solutions. Pocketmath PRO, its enhanced self-serve advertising platform, helps its users manage mobile campaigns with ease. With no minimum spending and access fee required, PRO allows users to measure impact more accurately, make decisions faster and reach competitors’ customers, as well as those in similar verticals.

Built on proprietary bidding technology, PRO takes programmatic trading experiences to greater heights. Enjoy optimized usability, efficiency, performance and connect with consumers in motion. Unleash your campaign’s full potential using powerful UI, KPI-driven metrics, automation rules, real-time insights, and HD reporting.

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