Bidtellect’s Answer for Growing Advertiser Demand is Major Infrastructure Environment Overhaul

The massive investment triples infrastructure capacity and diversifies performance capabilities to support accelerating advertiser demand.

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — Bidtellect, the leading native demand-side platform for the content-driven marketer, announced the completion of its extensive infrastructure upgrade, making its processing capacity and expansion capabilities among the most advanced in the industry. To keep up with accelerating client demand, the upgrade tripled available capacity to increase supply and demand, as well as capture revenue without increasing monthly costs, ensuring a positive return on investment (ROI). The overhaul solidifies Bidtellect’s place as one of the largest deliverers of Native Ads in the ecosystem.

“This is a perfect example of the teamwork culture within Bidtellect delivering a huge win for business.”

Bidtellect partnered with Cisco and R2 Unified Technologies to deploy wide-reaching upgrades including a modular Network and Server Fabric Platform with extreme throughput, compute, and storage density all while maintaining efficiency. The significant investment and upgrade includes large scale additions in computational capacity and data storage. Bidtellect can now listen to 3.5x the number of queries and process 3x the number of auctions per second, laying the foundation for the current growth trajectory.

Additionally, Bidtellect has entered into the Equinix Ad Exchange (AD-IX) platform for lower latency paths to its supply partners, along with expanding its footprint into the APAC market and doubling its footprint in EMEA market. After completing the upgrade, the Bidtellect team has already begun mapping out the next phase of our accelerated growth trajectory. With Cisco and R2 Unified Technologies on board, Bidtellect is ready for continued accelerating scale.

The modernization of the architecture provides massive expansion and improvement opportunities to create industry superior infrastructure as performance increases. The changes not only upgrade the current environment, but places Bidtellect’s platform as the largest endemic Content Distribution and Native Advertising infrastructure across the industry in terms of scale, power, and throughput.

“The effort was extremely stressful, and it is a great feeling when you can look back and say that our team delivered what it promised, in the time frame it promised, without increased costs and with no loss of data or revenue,” said Jason Taylor, Director of Information Technology at Bidtellect. “This is a perfect example of the teamwork culture within Bidtellect delivering a huge win for business.”

The undertaking took the Bidtellect technology team 32 days of nonstop working, including sleepless nights and 40 hour sprints in which the team would take turns napping. The massive overhaul was completed without interrupting business-as-usual. Bidtellect CTO Mike Conway explained that the impressive undertaking was akin to changing four tires on a car while speeding 80mph on the highway – and not crashing.

“The fact that 90% of our infrastructure was replaced with the most up to date and performant hardware without a single loss of data or downtime of our productions systems validate the value of our team and how the planning and teamwork that went into this effort was beyond reproach,” added Mike Conway, Chief Technology Officer at Bidtellect.

The massive upgrade underscores Bidtellect’s confidence in its platform, team, and progress. Bidtellect is dedicated to delivering the most advanced performance-based platform tools for its clients and developing superior infrastructure and performance capabilities as its client demand and performance increases.

About Bidtellect

Bidtellect is the performance platform for the content driven marketer: one platform to execute Native campaigns across all formats and devices including text, imagery, and video with unparalleled scale. Marketers leverage Bidtellect’s proprietary real-time optimization algorithms, first- and third- party data targeting, advanced KPI and dynamic creative optimization, and a team of industry experts to drive real results for paid content distribution campaigns to deliver smart advertising.