IAS Builds First-Ever Connected TV Verification Solution Directly With Leading Video Publishers Including NBCUniversal and CBS Interactive

Over  of the UK’s TVs connect to the internet and the connected television (CTV) space is growing at a rapid pace, driven in no small part by services like Netflix and Amazon Prime (Ofcom). This shift in consumer behaviour has made over-the-top (OTT) content on connected TVs the first choice in order to make meaningful connections with customers. Today, Integral Ad Science (IAS) announced the first-ever CTV verification solution that directly integrates with video publishers to validate that video ads are played to completion on fraud-free CTVs. During this pilot, IAS was able to integrate with eight leading U.S. video publishers including NBCUniversal and CBS Interactive.

Digital video accounted for 44% of the total display market at £2.31 billion in 2018 and was responsible for an overall increase in digital ad spend. In the past, such advertising investments into emerging media have typically been quickly accompanied by an increased effort from fraudsters looking to profit from unprotected new advertising environments. The development of IAS’s ground-breaking OTT fraud technology now protects advertisers looking to connect with audiences in CTV environments.

“IAS has a long track record of defining the verification space through innovation and I’m thrilled to announce the world’s first verification solution for connected TV,” said Lisa Utzschneider, CEO, IAS. “The biggest advancements come when we work together as an industry and today we stand alongside eight of the world’s leading video publishers including NBCUniversal and CBS Interactive to usher-in a new era of CTV transparency.”

“As a publisher, NBCUniversal understands the importance of safety and a high quality user experience and we look forward to joining IAS on this first of its kind verification solution,” said Mike Reidy, Senior Vice President, Digital Advertising Sales, NBCUniversal.”

“CBS Interactive believes in full transparency with our advertising partners. With ad fraud increasing, it’s important that programmers and publishers work together with companies like IAS to facilitate trust while maintaining a quality user experience.” Jarred Wilichinsky, Senior Vice-President, Video Monetization & Operations, CBS Interactive.

In addition to the CTV advancement, IAS is on the leading edge of video measurement across the digital video ecosystem more broadly. Specially, the verification leader has integrations with video ad servers, has introduced standardised in-app video measurement via the Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SDK) and is an active contributor to the latest versions of the VAST specification, the accepted mechanism for delivering video ads digitally. Recent enhancements to the VAST spec (4.1 onwards) have embraced OTT and mobile in-app driven changes in the video ecosystem, which are moving the industry toward unified video delivery and measurement.

About IAS
Integral Ad Science (IAS) is a global technology company that offers data and solutions to establish a safer, more effective advertising ecosystem. We partner with advertisers and publishers to protect their investments, capture consumer attention, and drive business impact. Founded in 2009, IAS is headquartered in New York with global operations in 13 countries. Our growth and innovation have been recognised in the Inc. 5000, Crain’s Fast 50, Forbes America’s Most Promising Companies, and I-COM’s Smart Data Marketing Technology Company.