New Release Provides Customized Keyword Opportunities, Competitive Analysis, Audience Insights, and Web Traffic Statistics’s Site Overview service now offers marketers free competitive insights that reveal a brand’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to reach and convert their audience

Known for bringing transparency to website popularity for more than 17 years with its Alexa Rank, now equips marketers with free competitive insights typically available only to resource-rich companies with dedicated analytics teams. Serving more than three million unique users per month, the Alexa Site Overview service now reveals a brand’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to reach its audience. This includes relevant data about the site, its audience, keyword gaps and opportunities, as well as the same data about competing sites.

While alternative tools provide an abundance of unstructured and uninterpreted data, that data must often be analyzed extensively before insights emerge.’s Site Overview improves this aspect of the SEO and content marketing workflow by automatically performing that complex analysis. Input a website and Site Overview will instantly surface a customized list of keyword opportunities for the site, the top websites competing for the attention of that site’s audience, that site’s traffic metrics compared to the average of those top competing sites, and other competitive intelligence.

“People have an emotional reaction when they see that competitors are beating them at something,” said Andy Crestodina, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Orbit Media, a web development agency located in Chicago. “This is the fastest way to see what’s working for them and not for you. Even at a glance, I’ve found 3-4 actions I can take to get better results.”

The key capabilities of Site Overview are purpose-built to provide customized keyword opportunities, competitive analysis, audience insights, and web traffic statistics:

Keyword opportunities – Keyword recommendations are curated for the site across several categories that enable marketers and agencies to get quick ideas for their content strategy.
       Keyword gaps identifies keywords that are currently driving traffic to competitors, but not yet to the marketer’s site.
       Easy-to-rank keywords identifies popular keywords that the marketer’s site can likely rank for, given its Competitive Power in search.
       Buyer keywords identifies keywords used by the site’s audience that demonstrate high commercial or purchase intent.
       Optimization opportunities identifies popular keywords driving a small amount of traffic to the marketer’s site, which could be better optimized to help drive more traffic.

Competitive analysis – Benchmarks provide a side-by-side comparison against competitors.
       Traffic sources shows the percentage of overall traffic from search engines to the marketer’s site compared to competing sites.
       Referral sites (backlinks) shows the number of referral sites driving traffic to the marketer’s site compared to competing sites.
       Top keywords show the top search terms driving traffic to the marketer’s site and their competitors.

Audience insights – Browsing habits of a site’s audience reveal unique opportunities to connect with prospective customers.
       Audience interests shows the categories of interest shared by a site’s audience, along with other sites in those categories that they visit.
       Audience overlap shows sites that share an audience and compete for their attention.

Traffic statistics – Website popularity and engagement is reported using monthly site metrics and traffic statistics, helping marketers evaluate growth potential.
       Alexa rank displays a site’s overall ranking in global internet traffic and engagement.
       Audience geography shows estimated percentage of visitors to the site by country.
       Site metrics shows engagement, traffic sources, site flow, and total backlink metrics for the site.

The website analysis capabilities also help agency marketers to discover and fully leverage the digital opportunities of their potential and current clients. Site Overview can help agencies craft the perfect pitch and yield faster results for their clients.

“This isn’t just about the Alexa Traffic Rank anymore. This new tool is a serious option for finding and growing new traffic opportunities,” said Tommy Griffith, former SEO Manager at Airbnb and founder of ClickMinded, an SEO training program. “If you’re an agency or a consultant, the ‘easy-to-rank keywords’ list is probably the first place you should start for prospective clients.”

For companies that regularly execute on content and SEO strategy,’s subscription plans allow customers to go in-depth on the above features while providing additional SEO analysis services, all starting at an affordable price.

“In the last few years, we’ve made big moves to help digital marketers drive real impact in their organizations with the addition of intelligent SEO, SEM and content analysis capabilities,” said Andrew Ramm, President of “The new Site Overview service is now a central hub for marketers who don’t have the resources to handle a deluge of data, but need direct and effective insights they can act on quickly. By keeping tabs on where competitors are finding success, marketers can discover their own competitive edge.”

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