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Alexa.com Launches Service to Help Digital Agencies Win and Retain More Business Through Actionable SEO, SEM, and Content Marketing Insights

Alexa.com Launches Service to Help Digital Agencies Win and Retain More Business Through Actionable SEO, SEM, and Content Marketing Insights

The new Alexa Agency Plan equips agencies with insights that instantly reveal clients’ untapped avenues for growth.

SAN FRANCISCO – Alexa.com, the trusted source of competitor and audience insights, today announced the launch of the Alexa Agency Plan. The new plan will assist agencies with attracting key audiences for their clients and accelerating their growth. As a result, the plan is instrumental in helping agencies win new business, keep their project pipeline full, and reduce revenue fluctuations by becoming an indispensable contributor to their clients’ growth engine.

The Alexa Agency Plan is designed for small to mid-sized agencies offering SEO, SEM, and content marketing services who are challenged by the burden of continually demonstrating their impact on clients’ business growth. Agencies using the plan can build trust and play a leading role in clients’ ongoing marketing efforts by proactively uncovering new opportunities.

The new plan provides these agencies with uniquely holistic and actionable intelligence about clients’ popularity, traffic sources, audience interests, keywords, and backlinks – including side-by-side comparisons with clients’ competitors across all metrics. Strategic opportunities are instantly revealed, arming the agency with programs that help drive their clients’ business performance.

Access to this data can dramatically expedite the research process for agencies, eliminating the many hours of data collection and analysis otherwise required to establish knowledge of a client’s industry, competitors, and audience.

Among the features in the Alexa Agency Plan:

       Portfolio management and tracking. Agencies can view all client projects through one dashboard and quickly spot – and respond to – any negative trends or issues.
       Site audits. Twice monthly site audits for all clients enable agencies to monitor and address any issues impacting SEO.
       Keyword tools. The plan reveals potential undiscovered methods for growing clients’ traffic through content marketing, SEO, and PPC. Agencies can also quickly find valuable new topics and keywords based on competitive research.
       People management. Agencies can easily assign team members to projects and collaborate on research.

Agencies can enjoy several benefits by leveraging the new plan:

       Improve prospecting close rate. Agencies can find highly qualified client prospects that have untapped growth potential, determine their gaps, and craft compelling pitches that are highly relevant, personalized, and actionable.
       Reduce unbillable hours. The Alexa Agency Plan reduces agencies’ unbillable hours (otherwise spent on research) when pitching new prospects. Using Alexa.com, agencies can very quickly get detailed intelligence about the prospect’s industry, competitors, and audience – and present specific opportunities for improvement.
       Earn trust and loyalty. The plan is designed to make agencies the hero to their clients by arming agencies with continual, actionable insights that help brands grow their business.

“To an agency, client relationships are everything,” said Andrew Ramm, President of Alexa.com. “When an agency knows as much or more about their client’s audience than their client does, it cements their credibility as a trusted advisor. Everything about the Alexa Agency Plan is designed to help agencies build that knowledge, engender that trust, and ultimately help their client have the greatest possible share of voice with their target audience.”

“I’m already saving about 80% of the time I used to spend when pitching ideas to new prospects, thanks to the insights I find in the Alexa Advanced plan,” said Sean Hakes, CEO, Altitude Agency. “For the past three prospects, I have a 100% close rate because I presented highly relevant and valuable opportunities that I unearthed from the Alexa.com service. With the new Alexa Agency Plan, the ability to scale that time savings and close rate across all clients and prospects is going to have a huge impact on my bottom line.”

The Alexa Agency Plan supports up to 35 projects (or websites) and 20 users, and is priced at $299 per month. Agencies can learn more about the Agency Plan by visiting alexa.com/plans.

About Alexa.com

Alexa.com, a subsidiary of Amazon, is a trusted source of insights into digital behavior that marketers use to win their audience and accelerate growth. Subscribers to the Alexa Marketing Stack leverage rich competitor and audience insights that help them better understand their audience, discover opportunities for growth across multiple marketing channels, and manage the day-to-day workflows of planning, creating, optimizing, promoting, and measuring the effectiveness of their content marketing.