Taboola Partners with Integral Ad Science to Ensure Brand Safety

At Taboola, brand safety is paramount. The company wants to ensure every brand it works with feels comfortable knowing it is delivering their message in an appropriate, safe, manner. It’s a task it never takes lightly.

Brand safety verification technology has not typically been compatible with discovery and native advertising formats. This is because today’s tools are usually designed around third-party ad-server solutions for traditional display and video formats.

To help solve this issue, Taboola turned to IAS, a leader in the brand safety industry. Taboola wanted to make the most of IAS’s powerful data and build custom tools designed to keep safety at the forefront of everything we do.

Now, using its integration with IAS’s Brand Safety Segment API, marketers can take full advantage of pre-bid blocking on Taboola, powered by IAS. Taboola is also launching the ability for IAS customers to use post-bid campaign monitoring pixels on their Taboola campaigns.

IAS data helps take Taboola’s brand safety offering to a whole new level

IAS’s brand safety segment technology is integrated directly with Taboola’s ads console, Backstage. Taboola customers can now use IAS brand safety segments on its entire network of premium publisher sites.

Taboola Pre-bid Blocking, Powered by IAS

IAS scans 100% of Taboola’s premium publishers’ URLs globally, scoring each page on a variety of brand safety segments. If a page’s score falls outside of a brand’s desired risk level, Taboola is then able to block an advertiser’s impressions from appearing on that page pre-bid, keeping advertiser content in spaces suitable for their brand.

Monitor Taboola in Your IAS Dashboard

Taboola is also launching the ability to run an IAS Firewall Monitoring or Campaign Monitoring JavaScript pixels across Taboola.

When using an IAS monitoring pixel, a consumer’s IAS dashboard will now report on all of the post-bid campaign metrics associated with their Taboola activity.

Taboola is thrilled to partner with IAS to demonstrate its continued commitment to the promise of brand safety. Taboola knows the value of a marketing dollar, and will always work tirelessly to ensure that consumers’ are safe.

The best part? The pre-bid blocking tool is available at no additional cost to Taboola users.