Acxiom Announces New Addressable Media Solutions

Acxiom Addressable Advertising is the first in a series of new marketing transformation solutions, in partnership with IPG agencies, designed to improve marketing intelligence and business growth.May 21, 2020 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

CONWAY, Ark. — Acxiom®, the data and technology foundation for the world’s best marketers, announced the launch of Addressable Advertising, a new performance-based, digital media solution suite that combines Acxiom’s 50 years of expertise in customer data management, identity, and ethical data use with the addressable media capabilities of Matterkind, a Kinesso company, delivering more marketing intelligence and measurable business results.

“All marketers want to reach real people with tailored messages that thoughtfully and meaningfully engage them on their digital journeys”Tweet this

The goal of all marketing is to reach people with relevance, respect and efficiency, but this is difficult to achieve when brands are managing their customer data separately from media planning and execution. Acxiom’s Addressable Advertising suite can connect marketing silos, increase efficiencies, and reach the right audiences across media platforms. The result is improved engagement with people, resulting in enhanced marketing performance, reduced waste, and better business outcomes to meet the brand’s unique goals and metrics.

This solution is the first in a series of new digital transformation offerings Acxiom is launching in 2020 that leverage IPG’s Open Architecture model, bringing together agency and Acxiom core capabilities to deliver new value and more innovative, integrated solutions to clients and the market.

The Addressable Advertising suite integrates Acxiom’s privacy-compliant data, data management and identity capabilities with the expert media tradecraft capabilities of Matterkind. The results-oriented, end-to-end marketing solution is designed to seamlessly connect a brand’s advertising strategies, media buying, campaign execution, and campaign measurement. The data-driven solution suite is enabled by a deep bench of strategists, practitioners and analysts dedicated to helping brands achieve unprecedented media results by better understanding the customer and through best-in-class campaign strategy and optimization.

“All marketers want to reach real people with tailored messages that thoughtfully and meaningfully engage them on their digital journeys,” said Chad Engelgau, CEO and president at Acxiom. “When a brand must manage their customer insights and audience engagement strategy separately from their media planning and execution, they lack the marketing intelligence needed to fuel their business growth. That is exactly why Acxiom is accelerating our investments and innovations around offerings designed to connect marketing technology and advertising technology to reduce marketing waste across direct and digital media buys.”

“Companies large and small, across all industries, are looking for increased media performance and return on ad spend,” said Mike Woods, Acxiom’s leader dedicated to Acxiom/IPG customer success. “The Addressable Advertising suite creates better audience insights and better marketing by integrating a brand’s first-party data with Acxiom’s industry-leading third-party data, optimizing the audiences through a host of embedded analytics and AI. The result is the highest-performing audience for that brand, allowing them to realize the full value of their data-driven advertising.”

Acxiom’s Addressable Advertising solutions are already active in the automotive and retail sectors and are part of a larger suite of collaborative offerings Acxiom will release this year.

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