Acxiom Announces ConneCXions Portfolio of Digital Transformation Solutions

Solutions unite martech and adtech to improve marketing performance and drive business growth

CONWAY, Ark. — Acxiom®, the customer intelligence company whose data-driven solutions create business growth by enabling better customer experiences, today announced the launch of ConneCXions, a portfolio of digital transformation solutions that seamlessly combines Acxiom’s 50 years of expertise in martech – including customer data platforms, identity, and ethical data use – with omnichannel adtech applications and a premium publisher network. Acxiom’s ConneCXions portfolio bridges the gap between martech and adtech, enabling marketers to leverage customer intelligence holistically across earned, owned, and paid channels, improving marketing performance, ROI, and creating better experiences for people across all touchpoints.

“There is no company more equipped than Acxiom to solve this challenge for the world’s best marketers”

The goal of responsible marketing is to reach people with relevance, respect and efficiency. While there are many martech and adtech technologies that can play a role in helping marketers achieve this goal, the sheer number of platforms and applications available has created a “madtech” chasm for marketers, who are frustrated with the lack of connectivity between the two ecosystems and the challenge of unifying audiences and insights across all their marketing efforts.

To combat this challenge, Acxiom is bringing together their decades of experience in integrating technologies and strategies for marketing solutions and connecting it to the adtech ecosystem with a suite of applications and services. The new ConneCXions portfolio solves the “madtech” problem by enabling the integration of data and identity, applications and services, addressable strategy, and media activation across a marketer’s existing technologies – delivering improved marketing performance.

“Companies are now seriously considering how they gather, integrate, and activate enterprise insights and are increasingly seeking more integrated solutions,” said Chad Engelgau, Acxiom’s CEO. “The ConneCXions portfolio provides a truly connected digital transformation solution, with data-driven insights powering a brand’s marketing intelligence, enabling better customer experiences that lead to business growth.”

The ConneCXions portfolio of solutions combines Acxiom’s core capabilities with those of Kinesso and Matterkind, giving brands a partner who can help them define their data-driven strategy, execute on their marketing plan, integrate and optimize their existing “madtech” investments, and curate data and tech for future investment. ConneCXions makes IPG the first agency holding company to offer such an integrated and holistic marketing approach.

“If your insights aren’t connected across martech and adtech, you can’t possibly derive the greatest value from your investments,” said Arun Kumar, Chief Data and Marketing Technology Officer at IPG. “Worse yet, you can’t best serve your audience by delivering great marketing. By bringing together Acxiom’s customer intelligence capabilities with Kinesso and Matterkind solutions, clients are in a position to bring their media, digital and offline marketing together and break down the silos that limit marketing performance.”

“There is no company more equipped than Acxiom to solve this challenge for the world’s best marketers,” said Engelgau. “Over the past five years, clients have renewed over 95% of their contracts with Acxiom, highlighting their trust in our ability to turn data and technology potential into better customer experiences and, in turn, better business results.”

The ConneCXions portfolio of solutions currently includes:

  • Audience Insights & Strategy to create and activate audience-first strategies and advertising audiences, powered by connected data and identity.
  • Advanced Media Analytics, including a host of media models and performance analytics, with connected reporting capabilities that enable an open, transparent view of marketing performance.
  • Addressable Advertising, which enables channel-less, audience-focused activation and optimization to connect with your audience regardless of device.
  • Digital Platform Services that allow you to maximize the value of your marketing technology investments, including DMPs, CDPs, Tag Management and other martech and adtech platforms.
  • Consulting & Advisory Services delivered by experienced strategists and practitioners to help you deliver a connected digital transformation strategy to maximize return on your marketing investments.

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About Acxiom

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