Cognitiv’s Rosé / Not Rosé App Brings the Joy of Cannes to Your Phone

Rosé / Not Rosé! Plays on HBO’s Silicon Valley Hot Dog/Not Hot Dog AI App

Like so many marketers, the Cognitiv team is disappointed that the advertising industry will understandably not be gathering in Cannes this year – no meetings by the water, no yachts, no parties.

Cognitiv, the first self-learning, fully automated neural network technology available for marketers, is continuing the fun with the release of an app, inspired by HBO’s Silicon Valley Hot Dog/Not Hot Dog AI app called “Rosé / Not Rosé!” that celebrates the fan-favorite Cannes drink while showcasing deep learning’s powers of pattern recognition.

“We were planning to launch our deep learning app at Cannes but despite the festival going virtual we thought we would press on with Rosé / Not Rosé and encourage people to have some fun with it,” stated Cognitiv’s CEO and co-founder Jeremy Fain. “The entire advertising industry looks forward to this week every year and we are hoping the app can at least bring about a few smiles even during these challenging times.”

Once downloaded, users can take a picture of themselves with (or without) a drink and the app uses deep learning to determine if it is a photo of Rosé or Not Rosé. There are a number of other hidden identifications coded into the app for users to find with different settings and drinks. Users can see if they can stump the deep learning AI, and then share with friends who are also missing the south of France this year.

Cognitiv plays a much more complex version of this game every day for each of its clients. Custom Deep Learning algorithms are trained to find prospects specific to its brand and KPI (Rosé) and ignore everything else (Not Rosé). Cognitiv’s NeuralMind platform is the first self-learning, fully automated deep neural network technology for multi-touch, full funnel marketing.

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