605 Launches “605 IMP4CT” Attribution Solution to Measure Efficacy of Television Advertising Campaigns

Built on Multi-Source Viewership Dataset of 21 Million U.S. Households, Offers Audience Insights Across the Entire Marketing Funnel

Designed to Drive Television Industry Towards Deterministic Outcome-Based Planning of Linear and Cross-Channel Campaigns

NEW YORK — 605, a leading television measurement and analytics company, announced the launch of 605 IMP4CT, a self-service, web-based application providing full-funnel audience attribution solutions to quantify the impact of TV advertising on consumer behavior.

605 IMP4CT enables clients to augment aggregated and anonymized household viewership data with 1st and 3rd party attributes and KPIs, allowing them to study consumer behaviors across the marketing funnel regardless of the audience they target or outcome they desire. This enables 605 IMP4CT users to derive insights on the impact of TV campaigns in both live and time-shifted environments.

“The ability to comprehend the impact of linear campaigns in a world where consumers are moving across devices with increased fluidity is more important than ever,” said Noah Levine, Chief Revenue Officer at 605. “605 IMP4CT empowers users with timely audience attribution information, allowing programmers, advertisers and agencies to determine how and where to spend their next television dollar in a way that optimizes their return on investment.”

Despite the widespread adoption of deterministic attribution solutions in digital media, TV measurement tools remain challenged by small sample sizes or imperfect viewership and ad exposure data. 605 IMP4CT fills the existing measurement void by helping programmers, advertisers and agencies gain a robust, data-driven understanding of which networks, audiences and creative drive the best results. These tools will ultimately steer the television industry towards more outcome-based planning and optimization solutions.

605 IMP4CT is launching always-on Tune-In measurement solutions for programmers and will quickly expand to provide self-serve attribution solutions across the consumer funnel, including Online Action, Foot Traffic, Automotive and CPG Sales. Programmers, advertisers and agencies will be able to use 605 IMP4CT to illustrate the effectiveness of their campaigns to drive results, specifically delivering insights that:

  • Identify which audiences respond most favorably to TV ads across linear, VOD and DVR.
  • Identify which networks, genres or dayparts deliver optimal results.
  • Identify what other variables, like geography and creative, drive desired outcomes.
  • Calculate return on ad spend against a variety of KPIs.

“As consumer media consumption habits continue to shift widely across different devices and platforms, there is a more urgent need for common metrics to help guide marketing and promotional decision-making. AMC Networks is excited to partner with 605 IMP4CT to bring our marketing partners the opportunity to drive effectiveness and results around their campaigns and create the outcomes they are looking for,” said Kim Kelleher, President of Commercial Revenue and Partnerships, AMC Networks.

“Over the past few years, Discovery has been at the forefront of developing attribution capabilities for data-driven television, building an extensive library of attribution case studies across all major category verticals and multiple conversion metrics,” said Keith Kazerman, EVP Sales, Advanced Advertising and Research, Discovery, Inc. “In continuing to extend our capabilities, we look forward to using IMP4CT to expand our ability to deliver full funnel outcomes to our advertisers. With tangible insights provided through the platform, advertisers will be empowered to improve performance over time.”

605 IMP4CT significantly improves the workflow, access and the speed with which programmers, advertisers and agencies can gather attribution insights. It leverages 605’s multi-source viewership dataset of 21 million U.S. households. Coupled with 100 percent secured matching rights, the dataset creates a census-level deterministic identity layer for the entire U.S. viewing population, providing the foundation for the most accurate and stable attribution solutions in the industry.

About 605

605 is an independent TV measurement and analytics firm that offers advertising and content measurement, full-funnel attribution, media planning, optimization and analytical solutions on top of our deterministic TV viewership dataset covering more than 21 million households across all 210 U.S. markets. 605’s multi-source viewership dataset offers whole-home TV viewing visibility by combining the best attributes of set-top box and ACR data. 605 is unique in that its multi-source viewership dataset supports 100 percent deterministic audience data activation at the household level while being reportable second by second with currency grade national and local projections methodologies, all in a privacy compliant manner.

605 is a leader in the advertising data technology industry with respect to viewing data and its methodology and protocol development, system performance and customer support expertise. An independent audit and review performed by KPMG LLP found that 605 achieved service organization control 3 (“SOC 3”) compliance with its Audience App product, built for Charter Communications.