ID5 and CafeMedia Partner to Provide Cookie-Less Identification Capabilities to Thousands of Publishers

Partnership allows CafeMedia’s publishers to identify users in a privacy-compliant manner without using third-party cookies and guarantee better monetization beyond 2022

New York and London – ID5, the independent identity solution for digital advertising, announces a partnership with CafeMedia, the world’s largest ad management service which provides technology and services to help more than 2,500 publishers grow their businesses and maximize success.

This partnership allows CafeMedia’s publishers to create and distribute a shared, privacy-compliant first party identifier, provided by ID5, to their advertisers. ID5’s privacy-by-design approach to user identification ensures that CafeMedia publishers can navigate the new privacy regulations with confidence. Universal ID also gives CafeMedia better ways to identify users in cookie-less browsers like Safari and Firefox which will, over time, improve monetization. Cookie-less browsers make up a significant portion of CafeMedia’s traffic, so the partnership with ID5 has the opportunity to provide value in the short-term. Recent data released by programmatic infrastructure company Bidswitch shows that ads addressed to identifiable users sell for 2x higher eCPMs than those delivered to non-identifiable ones  . The collaboration is likely to reach its full potential in 2022 when Chrome, which controls 65% of Internet traffic globally, also phases out third-party cookies.

Paul Bannister, Chief Strategy Officer at CafeMedia says, “We’re excited to partner with ID5 and deploy their ID at scale across our network of sites. Testing these new technologies now is critical to ensuring the continued success of our publishers in a cookie-less world. Digital advertising provides a material source of revenue for tens of thousands of diverse and talented content creators and we want to ensure that these voices, who make the open web what it is, continue to thrive in a privacy-first future.”

CafeMedia joins a fast-growing list of publishers that have already started leveraging ID5’s Universal ID service, including premium media owners like MailOnline in the UK, Prisma Media and Le Figaro in France, or DPGMedia in the Netherlands. In the last few months, adoption of the ID5 Universal ID solution has skyrocketed, growing by 240% in Q1 2020 to reach more than 300 million users per day. The collaboration with CafeMedia allows ID5 to strengthen its position in the United States, a key market for the identity specialist.

Joanna Burton, Chief Strategy Officer at ID5 adds, “CafeMedia is one of the largest, most technologically-savvy digital advertising organizations in the world. They are actively involved in initiatives to improve the effectiveness of digital advertising, such as Prebid and Project Rearc. Working together we can support some of the most premium publishers in the US in their transition to privacy first, cookie-less advertising.  This will also help global Demand-Side platforms (DSPs) and Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs) recognize more customers and prospects on the web and adjust their bid logic, measurement and frequency capping to maximize the performance of their digital advertising.”

About ID5
ID5 is the shared identity infrastructure designed to improve user recognition in a privacy-compliant way. ID5’s solutions improve match rates between platforms and allow user identification in browsers where 3rd party cookies are blocked. ID5 enables publishers to better monetize their audiences and allows ad tech platforms to operate more efficiently and maximize the value of data and inventory.

Created in 2017 by seasoned ad tech professionals, ID5 services clients globally from offices in London and Paris. For more information about ID5 and its solutions, please visit:
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About CafeMedia
CafeMedia is the world’s largest ad management service, providing the technology and services that help the highest quality publishers grow their businesses and maximize success. Serving 2,500 high-quality publishers through its AdThrive and CafeMedia brands, the company exclusively manages all digital advertising sales and technology, empowering content creators to make a living doing what they love – producing great content. The company’s collective of creators reaches more than 160 million monthly unique visitors, ranking as the 11th largest digital entity and as #1 in Food, Family, and Home. CafeMedia provides programmatic media solutions that connect brands to these deeply engaged audiences.
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