Adform Becomes the First DSP to Fully Integrate with BritePool to Solve for Third-Party Cookie Elimination

New York — Now brands can operate more easily in a cookieless world, thanks to a first-of-its kind integration between Adform, the only independent global ad management platform covering all aspects of the digital campaign lifecycle, and BritePool, the leading, global identity resolution company for the emerging world of cookieless programmatic advertising. The two companies today announced that AdForm has integrated BritePool’s identity solution, to create a joint offering that will transform the global digital programmatic ad ecosystem.

With this partnership, the companies are launching cookieless targeting using BritePool’s identity management solution and Adform’s FLOW platform in order to help advertisers and publishers solve the identity crisis quickly and efficiently.

BritePool provides marketers with persistent identity management across the customer journey as cookies disappear and assures brand safety, privacy and precise data measurement. The BritePool ID (BPID), which powers desktop and mobile transactions, is transparent, people-based, and accurate. To date, BritePool’s network of participating publishers have contributed 150 million unique identities, and rapid, additional growth of this total is expected.

David J. Moore, BritePool’s CEO said, “We are excited that Adform, which already plays a leading role in identity-based marketing in Europe, is the first demand side platform (DSP) to fully integrate our identity solution.”

“This integration is an important step in the development of a superior cookieless offering for advertisers,” Moore said. “It enables, for the first time, a DSP to offer accurate reach, true frequency capping, and precise, log-level metrics in programmatic advertising,” he added.

Justin Kennedy, the Chief Operating Officer of leading supply-side platform Sonobi, said, “More and more players are recognizing the importance of establishing an identity system that encompasses the entire programmatic advertising ecosystem:  DSPs, SSPs, as well as publishers and advertisers. AdForm’s integration with BritePool is an important step in moving the industry forward.”

“Our industry is facing the harsh reality of a cookieless world. But Adform and BritePool will now meet the challenge of identity,” said Julian Baring, GM Americas of Adform. “First-party ID difficulty disappears with this milestone partnership, and it will transform the digital advertising ecosystem for some time to come,” he added.

“The BritePool system allows advertisers to reach users of Safari and Firefox browsers, which block third-party cookies by default,” Moore said. He added, “As a result, Adform now stands ready to work with advertisers to accurately reach BritePool’s 150 million identities, many of whom are otherwise inaccessible through programmatic advertising.”

About BritePool

BritePool is an identity verification company for advertisers and publishers. The company provides advertisers with brand safety, privacy, and precise analytics for data connections when third-party cookies and MAIDs no longer can be used. BritePool’s exact, frequency-controlled identity verification services enable accurate targeting, advertising delivery and attribution. For more information, visit

About Adform

Adform is the only global, independent and fully integrated advertising platform built for modern marketing. Its unique enterprise technology – Adform FLOW – harnesses superior user experience and a scalable, modular and open architecture, to enable seamless management of the whole campaign life cycle. It provides clients with enhanced control and transparency across their advertising operations, including ownership of all data from their campaigns. Since 2002, Adform has developed technology to enhance human/machine collaboration and deliver augmented intelligence, thereby amplifying business results for its clients around the world.

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