Innovative Partnership Between Criteo and Lengow Helps Online Retailers Stay Connected With Store Customers

As the shift to online shopping continues in the wake of Covid-19, Criteo delivers an omnichannel offer that synchronises product recommendations and local inventory

London: Criteo, the global technology company powering the world’s marketers with trusted and impactful advertising, has announced the extension of its partnership with Lengow, an impactful platform for e-traders to develop the visibility and profitability of their product ranges. The partnership will transform retailers’ ability to target offline customers by helping them to deliver more meaningful and relevant product recommendations based upon inventory available in the users’ local stores.

The partnership reflects the large shift in consumption habits in the wake of Covid-19. As new challenges and priorities have emerged, consumers are spending more time online and that’s no different when it comes to where and how they shop. The result? Retailers are struggling to meet demand and customers are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their online experience. In fact, in the period preceding the start of the summer sales season in France, 61% of consumers reported they were dissatisfied with their online experience.1

In response, Criteo has launched this new offering in partnership with Lengow to explore new and more effective omnichannel strategies that are capable of delivering an optimal online user experience.

It represents a real opportunity for traditional retailers to stay better connected with their customers by offering them meaningful recommendations based on the availability of their stock in realtime. At a time when consumers are increasingly worried about their health and in-person contact, retailers can also help to reduce their time spent browsing and purchasing in store, with click-and-collect options available.

Len Ostroff, SVP, Strategic Partnerships & Alliances at Criteo, said: “Covid-19 has permanently changed the retail landscape. In this new world, we see the smartest omni-channel retailers combining the convenience, inspiration, and service available in physical locations with the ease, discoverability and personalisation capabilities of digital. Our partnership with Lengow leverages its local inventory data availability, enhancing the customer experience and customisation of relevant product recommendations.”

As the summer sales period approaches and the landscape remains increasingly challenging for retailers and brands in a post-Covid economy, this partnership offers the possibility to enhance the impact of ad campaigns and personalisation. This means an increased capability to target offline customers and create more meaningful connections with users.

Mickael Froger, CEO of Lengow, said: “Over the last few months, we’ve seen a strong interest in web to store strategies from major retailers across Europe and beyond. Online reach, targeting capabilities and accurate product data are key factors for success here and we see Criteo as being uniquely positioned in the market to deliver impact for customers. It was therefore a natural choice for us to extend our partnership with Criteo and we’re delighted to activate local inventory data from our omnichannel retailers on its platform.”

A long-standing partner of Criteo since 2013, Lengow manages more than 87,000 indexed feeds every day and works alongside more than 4,600 brands and retailers.

1: Criteo Retail Media Study France, June 2020

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