Truthify Adds Justin Wisz as CEO To Bring Emotion AI and Consumer Privacy to Mobile Polling and Advertising

Company closes private funding for $1.3 million with participation from Wisz

NEW YORK — Truthify, the first mobile video platform that analyzes consumer emotions in real time on behalf of brands, announced today that it added Justin Wisz as CEO.

“We’re very pleased to have Justin join and lead Truthify’s efforts”

Wisz, co-founder and former CEO of Vestorly, an AI content marketing platform, will focus the company on providing an alternative, revelatory dataset to brands and content creators while giving consumers the ability to monetize their data.

“We’re very pleased to have Justin join and lead Truthify’s efforts,” said Kevin Knull, Truthify’s Co-founder and Executive Chairman. “His executive leadership, venture investment and board experience in the areas of AI, consumer intelligence and digital marketing bring the perfect skill set for the company’s launch of Earn Per View®.”

Using Emotion AI to measure authentic reactions to mobile video content, Truthify’s Earn Per View® gives brands, content creators and researchers the ability to motivate consumers to view videos that are 30 seconds or less by compensating them in an immediate micro-transaction in exchange for their reaction data.

Consumers do not release any personal data until the transaction is complete, and brands acquire real-time emotional reactions, verified views, and authenticated leads. Brands may also choose to send non-compensated videos for completely anonymous participation by consumers, or can compensate for anonymous campaigns if they wish.

“Truthify’s use of Emotion AI is a revolutionary approach to the old problem of measuring authentic engagement, and its embodiment in a mobile app benefits brands and consumers alike,” said Wisz. “Much of my career has been focused on building ways to generate qualified leads with content marketing. Truthify can be the closest to achieving that while keeping user privacy at the forefront. I’m honored to be part of this mission and this team of seasoned executives.”

The Emotion AI technology reads facial muscle movements up to 50 times per second, quantifying involuntary micro-expressions correlated to emotions like fear, anger, sadness, happiness, contempt, disgust, and surprise. The platform aggregates these emotions to determine a “Truthify Emotion Score” for individuals and “Truthify Emotion Index” for groups – a faster and more efficient alternative data source to surveys, polls and net promoter scores.

“As a consumer, you should have the right to privacy, and as a brand you should expect a reasonable return on investment for advertising,” said Wisz. “Truthify achieves both: consumers can sell their reaction data at their discretion, and brands can acquire authentic leads and detailed emotional responses to any given message. Now any brand can understand how an audience feels, thus providing marketers with greater insight for their own decision making.”

The company raised a private round of funding with participation from Wisz and the company’s founders to expand its marketing and business development. Use cases for Truthify are launching in various verticals including political marketing, financial services, e-commerce, and employee or customer satisfaction studies. Wisz added, “Mass adoption of Emotion AI is no doubt coming to marketing and advertising, but we want to be the ones who do it ethically.”

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About Truthify

Truthify’s mission is to make mobile engagement work for everyone. Truthify leverages artificial intelligence and deep learning to revolutionize mass communication on mobile devices without compromising user privacy. With viewers’ permission, Truthify reads micro-expressions — the small, involuntary movements of muscles in a person’s face – to identify and map the emotions experienced when watching a video on their phone. These emotions are then displayed to the viewer, who can sell the data in a micro-transaction to the message sponsor. The result is less expensive and more impactful advertising for marketers while putting the control of data in the hands of the rightful owners: consumers. Truthify does not capture or record users’ faces, and does not employ facial recognition. To learn more about our promise to users or how to advertise with Truthify, visit