Revuze Announces Partnership with TAM Media Research, Launching TAM CRISP for the India Market

Israel, Tel-Aviv – TAM Media Research has announced a partnership with Revuze Ltd., the provider of Revuze Explorer, the first SAAS consumer insights eCommerce platform, to launch TAM CRISP (Consumer Reviews and Influencer Sentiments for brand Performance) for the India Market.

TAM is a joint venture between AC Nielsen and Kantar Media Research and is India’s main Audience Behavior & Brand Communication data provider.

As businesses embark on digital transformation initiatives and modernize their business operations, requirements are growing for strengthening eCommerce performance to enhance customer experiences and deliver suitable products to the Indian market.

“After showing significant success in the USA, Revuze is entering the Indian Market by partnering with TAM Media. This is a natural choice as both are part of the Nielsen family. TAM contributes its 20+ years’ experience and deep understanding of the Indian media landscape”, said Shai Etzion, Chief Revenue Officer. “While Revuze Explorer will be a compelling product and a game-changer for India to understand consumer sentiments and reviews.”  

“Today’s evolved Indian Voice of Consumers (VOC) is not just pragmatic about the products they purchase, but also extremely vocal and quick to give reviews. For a Marketer, this customer feedback can help realign Product & Communication strategies effectively. Hence, it is crucial for Marketers to constantly keep track, understand & re-connect while managing consumer sentiments towards Brands.” Said L.V. Krishnan, CEO, TAM Media Research.

“TAM has partnered with Revuze to bring a new-age, robust data analytics tool – CRISP, for Marketers to decode the realms of unstructured feedback data from consumers and retrace it back to defining sharper Brand strategies. In a fast-paced, evolving environment, it can be a crucial weapon for Marketers to win additional Brand Sales & Market Shares. CRISP will help build the much-needed superior analytical prowess within the Marketers business, help analyze product usage, and identify areas of product/service improvement based on feedback, so as to take quick-footed decisions.”

About TAM:

TAM Media Research-a 50:50 joint venture between two global media research organizations, Nielsen & Kantar Media Research. Set up in 1998, TAM has been the Central Media Intelligence Unit of Audience Behavior & Brand Communication data in India for more than 2 decades. TAM’s Media Intelligence repository is of central use by media & brand marketing organizations and is based on data collected & analyzed across both paid & earned media. TAM’s vision is to establish the Science of Data Monetization within the Indian Media and Marketing Industry.

About Revuze:

Revuze is an Israeli market research startup backed by global investors such as, Nielsen, Prytek, and Maverik Israel utilizing artificial intelligence to simplify market research so that anyone can make decisions based on consumer opinion data. Revuze’s AI collects and turns unstructured data into market insights about your brand, competitors, products, features, and benchmarks it against the competition. This unique approach allows brands to understand the customer’s voice for a better strategic direction, connecting the dots with qualitative eCommerce opinion insights from multiple sources to succinctly identify the root cause of consumer issues in hours instead of months.

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