Anzu and Adform Team Up to Advance Utilization of In-Game Advertising, the world’s most advanced in-game advertising solution, announced a new partnership with Adform, the only global, independent, and fully integrated advertising platform built for modern marketing. Anzu will now offer its exclusive mobile and PC in-game inventory to Adform’s 30,000+ global clients, who will be able to utilize Anzu’s first-in-class technology to target the global gaming market. Joint pilot campaigns include global advertisers such as Vodafone Germany and McDonalds Czech Republic. 

Gaming is on the rise with 3.1 billion players globally, and it has become an important component of brands’ multi-touchpoint advertising strategy. With its blended in-game ad technology, Anzu provides a platform for advertisers to access gamers in a non-intrusive way that shows respect for the gaming experience by not disrupting gameplay. Some recent gaming client wins include Ubisoft, the first programmatic PC deal in esports with Axis Games, and Virtuverse, the first sci-fi game with blended in-game ads.

In addition, Anzu provides full GDPR, COPPA, and privacy compliance. The platform’s SDK technology assures high-quality direct traffic with complete control over ad placement and provides the first-party data for precise audience targeting. Equally important, Anzu’s partnerships with trusted AdTech providers assure advertisers ad viewability, brand safety, and fraud control.

Adform’s platform, based on two decades of innovation, brings enterprise technology built for modern marketing to the mix: independent and integrated, configurable, transparent and secure, it enables seamless management of campaigns and gives marketers enhanced control over their own data. With the collaboration, Anzu’s extensive inventory will now be open to programmatic purchases and digital marketers will be able to convey their messages to a new and wider gaming audience with ease.

“In 2020, global programmatic advertising spending is expected to exceed 98 billion dollars, and digital advertising spending is expected to grow 68 percent” said Cem Eroğlu, Adform Head of Sales MEA&APAC. “Programmatic advertisements, which constitute two thirds of the digital ad spending, will be moved to a new and dynamic channel thanks to the cooperation we have established with Anzu. In-game ads stand out with their high measurability and viewing rates. We believe that our alliance will open the door to many successful projects that will be mentioned in the coming period, and we are extremely excited and happy to activate programmatic ads in the game world.”

Yaniv Rozencweig, Anzu’s Director of Business Operations, says of the new partnership: “At Anzu, we believe that gaming should be part of a savvy advertising strategy. The trick is to do it right, in a way that respects the gameplay. Our partnership with Adform will allow thousands of their advertisers to access the absolute best blended in-game advertising technology, so they can reach the enormous gaming market in a new way with proven ad viewability and brand lift.”

About Anzu is a leading in-game advertising platform that brings real-world brand ads to video gaming and esports. Backed by BITKRAFT Esports Ventures, WPP, and Axel Springer Digital Ventures, Anzu redefines digital advertising through seamless integration of non-intrusive ads into the gameplay. Bringing real-time data and programmatic to the video gaming world, the platform promises native advertising, brand safety, and ad viewability. For more information visit

About Adform
Adform is the only global, independent and fully integrated advertising platform built for modern marketing. Its unique enterprise technology – Adform Flow – harnesses superior user experience and a scalable, modular and open architecture, to enable seamless management of the whole campaign life cycle. It provides clients with enhanced control and transparency across their advertising operations, including ownership of all data from their campaigns. Since 2002, Adform has developed technology to enhance human/machine collaboration and deliver augmented intelligence, thereby amplifying business results for its clients in 25+ countries around the world.